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  tonyt1151 18:01 06 Mar 2012

Can anyone help. Running W7 and unable to open or save PDF files such as online bank statements and insurance documents.Same problem with various sites. I have Kaspersky Internet Security which I have tried temp suspending to see if that was problem but that made no difference. I have another laptop running Vista with same security progam and I can open /download the same files with no problem.

  chub_tor 18:16 06 Mar 2012

What programme are you using to open the PDF files? If it is Adobe then you might want to try Foxit instead

  tonyt1151 18:22 06 Mar 2012

Yes it is Adobe. Will try Foxit

  john bunyan 18:22 06 Mar 2012

I assume you have Adobe reader installed? PS if you do not want Google Chrome, untick this box on the link. Also I assume you have "Told" W7 to open pdf files with adobe reader?


  john bunyan 18:23 06 Mar 2012

PS Adobe works fine on my W7 system.

  tonyt1151 18:40 06 Mar 2012

Tried Foxit. Problem is I cant download the PDF files in the first place so there is no file for any program to open

  chub_tor 18:53 06 Mar 2012

In which case you might want to read through this

  john bunyan 18:57 06 Mar 2012

I have checked my W7 IE 9. I have Adobe Readder installed. In IE9 Tools/Manage Add ons/ Toolbars it States that this is enabled. Have you checked your settings?

  tonyt1151 19:13 06 Mar 2012

I dont appear to have Adobe Reader listed in IE9 tools/Manage add-ons

  iscanut 19:19 06 Mar 2012

Why not try afresh install Download from here http://www.filehippo.com/downloadadobereader/ and then install it and see what happens.

  iscanut 19:20 06 Mar 2012

Sorry made a mess of the link, try again


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