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  bluto1 21:16 23 Aug 2006

I`ve loaded a programme from disc (to do with diabetes) and the User Manual is in pdf format.
As I`ve already got Adobe Acrobat 7 Reader I did`nt bother loading Acrobat 5, but now I cannot get the manual on my screen to read or copy. Can anyone help please?

  woodchip 21:24 23 Aug 2006

Get Foxit reader from click here Load it and remove Acrobat reader from Add Remove. Foxit does all Acrobat does and more plus it faster at loading and a smaller program file size

  Simsy 05:22 24 Aug 2006

that foxit reader is good, and very quick, I wouldn't say it's better than acrobat reader, overall...

However, I do use foxit myself for some things.

What happens, exactly, when you try to read the document using Acrobat reader? Is it only that document, or do other pdf documents also cause a problem?



  Altruist 07:39 24 Aug 2006

I also agree with woodchip and find Foxit is sufficient if you only use pdf files occasionally. It also takes up far less resources than Adobe.

  Wak 09:03 24 Aug 2006

I could be wrong on this but I think that the earlier versions of Adobe used "Acroread.exe" as the activating file whereas the newer versions use the file "AcroRd32.exe consequently older PDF files cannot find the "Acroread.exe" that it needs.
If you still wish to use Adobe then you could try the following:-
Open Windows Explorer/ Programs /Adobe.
Look in the folder called READER and find the file "AcroRd32.exe". (about 7.5MB)
Copy this file into a spare temporary folder.
Now rename this file "Acroread.exe" then copy it back into the READER folder.
You will now have both activating files (Acroread.exe and AcroRd32.exe) in the READER folder and all PDF files should be able to find the required activating file.
It works for me.

  bluto1 14:13 24 Aug 2006

Thanks for the additional input. I`ve already downloaded Foxit and I`ll keep it. The problem is still there but has changed direction. Whilst a shortcut was loaded into my All Programmes it ended there. There is nothing else on the disc. I`ll return it for another. All of you have given me very useful information, for which I`m very grateful, so I`ll click as resolved. Thanks all.

  bluto1 14:24 24 Aug 2006

I`ve just noticed that my reply to you last night was not printed. I did thank you for your suggestion and I downloaded Foxit. Why on earth was it not printed? I`m sorry, but apart from apologising I can`t do any more about it.

  Simsy 20:02 24 Aug 2006

That what might have happened, (though it's not something I've heard of happening before, so it's probably not the case!), is that the shortcut that has been put on your desktop is to a pdf file on the installation CD. Is this possible?

If you right click the desktop icon and choose "properties", then the "general" tab, what is given as the location? Is it the correct path to the pdf file on your hard drive, or is it to the pdf file on the CD/DVD? If the CD/DVD path is shown have you tried it with the disc in the relevant drive?



  bluto1 22:26 24 Aug 2006

I tried those avenues before my post and came up negative. I even tried uninstall/install and that didn`t work. Thanks anyway Simsy, I`ll await the new disc and hopefully it`ll work.

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