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  osben 11:01 17 Sep 2006


I regularly get a list of information sent to me in Excel format which I cut and past into a master list.

The sender has now seen fit to send this info as a pdf file.

Is there any way of being able to cut and past or whatever from the pdf list to excel whether it be directly or into word and then excel etc.

It would be great if I could.


  SANTOS7 11:02 17 Sep 2006

click here
this may help..

  osben 11:10 17 Sep 2006


That was quick. I only posted a few minutes ago.

I thought someone might suggest that. So! buying an expensive piece of software is the only way is it?

Pain in the but but if that is the only way, I guess I will have to go down that road.

Thanks for you help.


  seedie 11:44 17 Sep 2006

Explain the situation to the sender and ask them to send in excel format again.


  silverous 12:24 17 Sep 2006

Can't you just copy and paste the data?

  silverous 12:25 17 Sep 2006

And who said anything about an expensive piece of software...looks like those links were to some free help on how to do it with acrobat (i.e. the thing you view pdfs in)!

  Belatucadrus 13:46 17 Sep 2006

"who said anything about an expensive piece of software"

Unfortunately they did

"What Software Do I Need to Convert a PDF Document into Another Format?

In order to export a PDF file into another application you will need Adobe Acrobat 5.0 installed on your workstation. This is not the same software as the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Adobe Acrobat 5.0 is a much larger software package that provides many functions unavailable in the Reader (e.g. converting virtually any document into PDF). Unlike the Reader, Adobe Acrobat 5.0 cannot be downloaded for free. "

  osben 14:05 17 Sep 2006


Thanks for your input Belatucadrus and your to SANTOS7

It never ceases to amaze how some input to threads in this help forum seems to be of the frivolous nature(silverous and seedie)no names mentioned. Could certainly do without that sort of silly input.


  VoG II 14:11 17 Sep 2006

Copy to Word click here as a Table.

Use this macro to import into an empty sheet in Excel.

Sub ImportWordTable()
Dim wdDoc As Object
Dim wdFileName As Variant
Dim TableNo As Integer 'table number in Word
Dim iRow As Long 'row index in Excel
Dim iCol As Integer 'column index in Excel
wdFileName = Application.GetOpenFilename("Word files (*.doc),*.doc", , _
"Browse for file containing table to be imported")
If wdFileName = False Then Exit Sub '(user cancelled import file browser)
Set wdDoc = GetObject(wdFileName) 'open Word file
With wdDoc
TableNo = wdDoc.tables.Count
If TableNo = 0 Then
MsgBox "This document contains no tables", _
vbExclamation, "Import Word Table"
ElseIf TableNo > 1 Then
TableNo = InputBox("This Word document contains " & TableNo & " tables." & vbCrLf & _
"Enter table number of table to import", "Import Word Table", "1")
End If
With .tables(TableNo)
'copy cell contents from Word table cells to Excel cells
For iRow = 1 To .Rows.Count
For iCol = 1 To .Columns.Count
Cells(iRow, iCol) = WorksheetFunction.Clean(.cell(iRow, iCol).Range.Text)
Next iCol
Next iRow
End With
End With
Set wdDoc = Nothing
End Sub

  VoG II 14:27 17 Sep 2006

Incidentally, I think seedie's suggestion was the most sensible.

  silverous 16:31 17 Sep 2006

Osben, I've never seen such ingratitude before around here.

There was nothing frivolous about my comments, they were genuine. If you or belductrus had bothered to read or try you you would know that you can actually copy and paste the content of a PDF using the standard reader into another application. That is all I was suggesting and that is how I read the original link. Sorry if I missed something but I think you won't get much help if you start making snide digs at those who were trying to help you.

e.g. "Mentioning no names", then going on to do so

And to be honest, in seedie's defence, althouhg quite an abrupt post it is an idea. Sometimes people try to get around a problem when it is chaper and simpler to solve it another way, presumably the original send could actually send it in excel.

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