PDF creator

  jacobjohn7 16:10 09 Dec 2008

Hi would any kind soul on here,please point me in the right direction for a good cheap/free pdf creator... not just converting, but compiling a number of pdfs into a greater document.

Many thanks

  MCE2K5 20:54 09 Dec 2008

novaPDF Lite, What edition to choose? click here is the one I am using. It's good, cheap, But not free.

The Lite Edition costs $19.95

  jacobjohn7 08:48 10 Dec 2008

OK thanks for that,

  ms6869 21:44 11 Dec 2008

If you are still loooking try searching for Primo pdf its the one i downloaded for free works fine.

  jacobjohn7 09:47 12 Dec 2008

cheers ms6, yes still looking, would like to get plenty of suggestions..and evaluate.

  TomLinny 17:00 15 Dec 2008

Its Free just brings up 1 ad while you use it but can be closed. Works for me

click here

  jacobjohn7 11:05 16 Dec 2008

Thanks Tom, just to make sure... does it actually allow you to make a whole single pdf from a number of different pdfs, and edit/change page order etc...?
As I believe that Primo pdf as rec'd by MS6869 only converts documents to pdf format, and doesnt seem to have the editing capability.. or am I missing something. The editing/page order part is the important bit for me, most of the rec'd packages do the converting bit fine,... but not the additional bit... I have found one that more or less is fine for the purpose 'Bluebeam pdf revu', I have it on a months trial, but it does have a largish price tag for the full version.
But one draw back with this one, I have found, is that one of the files I got as a acrobat file, inserted the pages, the shapes/solid graphics were there, but the text was missing? Anyone any ideas on that score? Cheers

  jacobjohn7 11:11 16 Dec 2008

this part of the package sounds like it does what I want to do, ....pdfEdit995
I will give it a go, many thanks to all. will let you know

  jacobjohn7 23:15 16 Dec 2008

Many thanks Tom, the 995edit package does everything i want... and totally free of charge, even displays previously problematic pdf. Many thanks for suggestion! and all others who kindly suggested other ideas.

  TomLinny 10:49 17 Dec 2008

No Probs glad to help

  tims31 16:29 17 Dec 2008

Not sure if this will help, but Open Office allows you to create PDF docs from its word or draw packages. All you do is save the document you have created as a PDF. Doesn't allow you to edit previous docs or the bookmarks though?

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