denali 20:40 09 Dec 2009

I have an online form in PDF format which I have to fill in. I have Adobe reader but instead of the cursor I only have a hand and am unable to fill in the form. Anyone help me please?.

  Diemmess 20:52 09 Dec 2009

Just from what you say, it looks like the firm requires you to print the form and fill your details before posting the result.

Low tech, but it saves them postage and admin.

  octal 21:08 09 Dec 2009

I cheat and print it off fill it in scan it as a PDF and email it back to them :)

  MAT ALAN 21:08 09 Dec 2009

click here
might help...

  MAT ALAN 21:10 09 Dec 2009

click here

or this...

  denali 22:04 09 Dec 2009

Thank you all very much for responding

MAT ALAN! Worked perfectly

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