PDAs and Portable Hard Drives

  andyjenk 14:49 14 Jun 2003

I've an Archos Jukebox (portable hard drive).
Can any of the current crop of PDAs be connected to a portable hard drive without having to have a desk/laptop? Such a combination would mean I could have just about ALL the stuff I wanted when away from home.


  jazzypop 17:52 14 Jun 2003

As far as I know, you have to overcome two specific problems -

First, providing a PDA with a USB port (none come with a standard one fitted, to my knowledge). One way of overcoming this cpild be an adaptor such as click here

Second, you have to have an operating system on the PDA that can understand the conecept of removable drives and, in the case of the Archos, a FAT32 filing system. I presume that the PDAs listed in the link above can do this.

Before you spent any money, I would recommend getting an assurance (in writing) from the CF Card -> USB adaptor that your proposal would work.

  andyjenk 20:07 14 Jun 2003

Thanks Jazzypop, I've e-mailed Ratoc Systems and will await their reply.

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