PDA Wi Fi Networking

  waylander69 18:18 03 Aug 2005

Just got myself a new Dell Axim x30 nice little machine but I am trying to find out how to change the IP address for networking from its default to one of my choosing
Can guru's out there know how ?
G :)

  stalion 18:19 03 Aug 2005

someone can probably help you on this but you should have posted in the network forum

  selfbuild 18:45 03 Aug 2005

If it's displaying then i'm guessing that it hasn't picked up your wireless network, nor have you configured it to use the wireless.

Did you turn on the Wi-Fi on the Axim before you checked the IP address?

Perhaps a read of the manual would be a good idea as this tells you how to set it up.

  waylander69 19:05 03 Aug 2005

in the manual it say the wi fi should be compatable with auto selecting servers and this is my problem , I need to set a specific IP address for security within my networking system .

There isn't any referance within the help file other than I need to change the server IP address but it doesn't tell you where the settings are held !!

G :)

  Forum Editor 19:10 03 Aug 2005

your wireless network - all you have to do is tell it to connect to that network, and to make the connection the default. You'll be offered a dialogue box into which you can enter any authentication requirements for your network.

Or have I missed the point?

  waylander69 21:23 03 Aug 2005

You have missed the point slightly, for the security of the network I want to identify the IP of the pda, at present this is ie the pda's post code if you like, my home network runs on 198.168.0.X

all my pc's have the IP address config'd by me otherwise if you let windows do it the IP address's aren't guarenteed to be the same and hence since I leave 1 pc connected to a printer I need access to that printer from all 3 remote pc's

hope this makes my problem a little clearer

many thanks for your suggestions

G :)

  waylander69 11:34 04 Aug 2005

Yes found the setting there , now I just have to sort the wep passwords out LOL
Many thanks

  selfbuild 21:19 04 Aug 2005

Unless i'm missing something, Windows doesn't allocate the IP address.... your wireless router does.

My other half has a ipaq 4150 which she uses to browse the 'net amongst other things using the wireless connection. She can also print to my HP 5850 printer which is connected to the my wireless router. The ip address for the ipaq is allocated by my wireless router and has never changed since day one.

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