PDA as mp3 player....

  Tim1964 21:05 07 Aug 2003

Apologies for reposting but I have had no response from the Consumerwatch pages.

Is it possible (and cost effective) to use a lower spec PDA with a USB pen drive (the sort that looks like a disposable lighter) as a MP3 player?
I ask this because the pocket size 128Mb players only carry about 2 albums worth of music and I would like the capacity of a HDD based player without the apparent jump in price.


  jazzypop 22:18 07 Aug 2003

What capacity USB pen drive are you proposing to use? And which PDA?

  Tim1964 23:24 07 Aug 2003

jazzypop, thanks for the response,

The PDA would be a very basic model (B+W display).
What I haven't found out is, does a PDA have a 'hard drive' or is it RAM only? I have seen RAM mentioned in the adverts but never any mention of permanent storage.
It seems that the price jumps quite dramatically from a 'pocket sized' MP3 player to a HDD based one.
I suppose the larger capacity pen drives would push the price up to that of a HDD based player anyway.

  ton 23:39 07 Aug 2003

click here

On this site you can find all types of mp3 players at a reasonable price. The ones that use a compact flash card are very good.

  Dearersteak 04:53 08 Aug 2003

I have a Dell Axim, and i have a 128mb flash card with it to! I can get a good hour of music on it, along with all the other stuff i keep on it! But you can buy cards as big as a Gig!

this thing that seperates PDA's from laptop is the fact the PDA's have no moving parts really! And so the relie souly on Ram and Rom! But u don't need a 300pound PDA for it! like u said. Cheap, black and white... that has some sort of media player, (or even download realone for Pocket PC's (window's PDA's OS) Or Plam ( the other PDA OS), and then splash out of a SD/Flash card!

  Tim1964 18:34 08 Aug 2003

Thanks for the responses and links guys (both male or female?) Will check out the link above.

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