Pda memory slots

  silliw 17:11 26 Nov 2006

I have a Ipaq 2495 which has a CF card slot and an Sd card slot. When I load my Tomtom on the CF card all was well. However to make better use of the cards I then loaded it on the smaller sd card and the software would not run. I then loaded it back on the cf card and again it was fine.
Is it possible that the cf card takes priority over the sd card or is there a load sequence or is it that the sd card can only be used for data storage?
Your help would be much appreciated as I was going to buy a larger sd card to load more of my apps but if they wont run then there is no point in doing this.

  silliw 17:13 26 Nov 2006

I should have mentioned that I did run the rom upgrade which resolves conflict issues between the cf and sd cards, but this maks no differenc eto running apps.

  HXP 17:21 26 Nov 2006

I have Tom Tom on my SD card no problems.

Make sure you have copied it over to the SD card as is and not put it in a subfolder.

So it needs to be a direct copy of the CF version.

It may also be that if you installed it from the CF card fist TOM TOM is still lokking to that when you insert the SD card. TOM TOM seems hard to remove completely from my iPAQ.

Apart from the fact that it runs fine from the SD on mine can't see any other reason.


  ton 17:43 26 Nov 2006

I've had the Tomtom software running on both cards with no problem.

If you change from one card to the other you need to uninstall from the PDA as a few files are loaded to tell Tomtom where the software is (ie CF or SD).

  silliw 18:05 26 Nov 2006

Thanks Ton and HXP,
I used TT home to both remove TT from the CF card and then reload it on the sd card, i did nothing to determine the setup. When I load it on the sd card it works but cant find any maps. When I load it on the Cf card everything is fine.

  HXP 01:46 27 Nov 2006

if you are sure you have removed TOM TOM completely and reinstalled I can't see why it would fail to see maps.

Once it is uninstalled I would look through the directory structure just to make sure all traces are gone & try a reinstall from the SD.

If that fails I think you need someone with more technical knowledge than myself.

As a last thought I accidently let my iPAQ go pancake flat so I lost everything.Hard reset time.

My backup restore failed ! So I had lost most things - including a set of passwords for work.

However reloading everything from scratch ( including TOM TOM on the SD card went ok).

So depending how brave you are as a last resort there is always the hard reset option - but only if you are sure you can restore all your progs.

Not to be done lightly as it took me a week to get my iPAQ back in shape


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