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  Onecrystallady 01:21 20 Jun 2006

Dear Helper People,

I have just bought my new toy which is a Hp Ipaq HX2190 and i love it. It just has a few the first one is when its fully charged and sitting my handbag for a couple of hours you press the power button and Nothing happens you can press all the buttons you like it still wont turn on unless you hit the reset button and that really scares me because one day its just gonna go mental and erase everything (Yikes). My next problem is this i have tried and tried to get the contacts to start saying UK and not Us, and its driving me batty so please help. Thanks ever so much I hope your having a nice day.

:-) Claire

  €dstowe 06:34 20 Jun 2006

The most relevant part of your post is "I have just bought my new toy".

If it isn't behaving as it should, return it to the supplier and get a replacement/refund.

  Onecrystallady 16:19 20 Jun 2006

Hey Helper People,

Does anyone have any other thoughts than this. Thanks


  SANTOS7 16:31 20 Jun 2006

Sometimes there is a need to reset your Pocket PC. Resetting the device is known as performing a “soft” or “hard” reset.

Performing a "Soft" Resetback to top of page

A soft reset stops all running applications, but does not erase any programs or saved data. Be sure to save any unsaved data within a running application before performing a soft reset.

Perform a soft reset to:

* Stop all running applications

* Install a new application

* Restart the Pocket PC if it stops responding

To perform a soft reset:

1. Locate the recessed Reset button on the bottom of your iPAQ Pocket PC.
2. Use the stylus to lightly press the Reset button.

The Pocket PC restarts and displays the Today screen.

Performing a "Hard" Resetback to top of page

Perform a hard reset only when you want to clear all user-installed settings, applications, and data from RAM (Random Access Memory), where data and applications you have loaded are stored.

CAUTION: If you perform a hard reset, your Pocket PC loses all data and programs not saved in iPAQ File Store.

To perform a hard reset:

1. Press and hold down the Calendar and iTask buttons.
2. While holding down these buttons, use the stylus to lightly press the Reset button on the bottom of the iPAQ Pocket PC for about two seconds.

3. When the Pocket PC screen begins to fade, release the Calendar and iTask buttons first, and then remove the stylus from the Reset button.

click here

info taken from link it should help with the UK to US prob, if it is not in the user manual there is a dedicated forum someone there may be able to help,good luck..

  nick_j007 16:42 20 Jun 2006

Santos7 is giving lots of good info. there, but also maybe you have some locking feature coming into play that you will need to change the settings on? This would prevent accidental turning on when in your bag.
On the side of my Dell PDA there is a little switch to prevent accidental turning on you see.

Just a thought.



  ruskle 20:57 20 Jun 2006

Hi Claire,
I have an Ipaq and had a similar problem to your good self a few days after I bought it. After I did the full hard reset I have had no more problems. I put it down to "messing about" with a new toy (as you put it)and probably cocked up the OS, it now works fine.
The Wi Fi is superb and I sync with the the laptop via the cradle very easily, I even get my email on the road via the bluetooth and mobile phone. Start again and be careful.


  scales 21:23 20 Jun 2006

Make sure you back everything up. You can use the backup feature in ActiveSync to your desktop / laptop or if you have a memory card plugged in then backup to that with IPAQ backup. To be safe I do both. I learned the hardway after I let the battery go flat...

  Onecrystallady 08:54 23 Jun 2006

I cant find Ipaq backup anywhere on my pda i know it should have it and i have looked but i think its missing is there anyplace i can go to download it. Thanks so much for all the help and advice

  Onecrystallady 15:58 01 Jul 2006

Thanks all for the great help nothing fixed it so i took it back and got a new one and it seems to be working just peachy.

Have a great Day

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