PDA Battery

  laurie53 10:53 13 Dec 2007

My PDA is beginning to lose its charge more quickly, and I've isolated it to the battery.

Replacement costs the best part of £40 for a genuine part, but I can get a generic one for a tenth of that.

Anybody with experience? What's the risk?

Apologies if this should be in Consumerwatch.

  Totally-braindead 11:07 13 Dec 2007

I assume its a lithium battery of some description probably a lithium ion battery same as you get in mobile phones.

It really depends on the quality of the battery, some batteries that are sold as generic are actually identical to the manufacturers ones just with different labels but come from the same factory, some are actually better quality.

Risk? Unless theres something wrong with the battery theres no risk as far as I am concerned as the charge rate for devices such as these are low.

If the device used a fast charger of some description then I would be more wary however.

  laurie53 14:49 13 Dec 2007

Thanks for the response. Yes, it seems to be fairly standard Li-ion battery, 1100mAh. As you suggest much like a mobile battery, or a bit like my camera battery.

My main concern is that my PDA, a Dell, is very prone to battery cover problems (the model, not my particular example) according to the forums, so obviously dimension tolerance is fairly critical.

I'll probably give it a try.

  skeletal 16:13 13 Dec 2007

Some time ago, my son bought a battery for his laptop from a credible seller on ebay for about half the price of an official battery. It was fine for a few months then failed.
Part of my job is to investigate the electrical safety of equipment for use in hazardous areas. Recently, some prototype equipment came to us with a cheap battery. Said battery blew up in the boot of someone’s car...not the sort of behaviour one looks for when installing in said hazardous areas!
The cheap stuff tends to come from China (although some Chinese manufacturers are desperately trying to ditch the cheap and nasty image and do make top notch stuff) and the production process is less than perfect leading to minute internal shorts.
There are, of course, some well documented battery failures from respected manufactures as well, and again, some of these have led to fires (but they did at least issue a recall).
I think, on balance, I would probably try to get a genuine part, but fully appreciate the attraction of the cheaper stuff...I think a battery for my laptop is well over £100. It’s reaching the point where it is cheaper to buy a new piece of kit rather than try to replace the battery!


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