PcWorld offer, What is Ultra?

  billyliv 08:53 07 Mar 2004

Hi, I see PC World is offering a Samsung 160Gb Ultra ATA/133 hard drive for approx £80. Before I dash out to buy one, (My 30Gb is nearly full) What is ULTRA? Cheers, Bill

  JIM 09:00 07 Mar 2004

Why then a new interface at all? The initiator of Ultra-ATA/133, Maxtor presupposes an increase in performance of 40 percent yearly for hard disks while according to our Hard Disks Tests 20 percent are much more realistic. Due to the command overhead and the status informations the full bandwidth of the interface can not be used, anyway.

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  mrdsgs 11:59 07 Mar 2004

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i am sure there is cheaper still if you shop around

  Paranoid Android 13:30 07 Mar 2004

Older ATA hard drives were ATA33 or DMA33. When they brought out the ATA66 they called it Ultra ATA or Ultra DMA - presumably to make it sound good. It's stuck ever since.

So Ultra ATA/133 is the same as ATA/133 which the same as UDMA/133.


  Paranoid Android 13:32 07 Mar 2004

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  Stuartli 14:20 07 Mar 2004

BigPockets has the 120GB version of the Seagate at £64.99:

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  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 14:30 07 Mar 2004

I brought 1 of these 160 gig drives last ime they were on sale it cost me £52 and change and it is an exelent drive not had any probs with it thus far.


  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 14:32 07 Mar 2004

Sorry that should have been £62 and change pressed wrong number lol.


  Paranoid Android 14:47 07 Mar 2004

The Bigpockets offer is only ATA100, not 133.


  Stuartli 15:46 07 Mar 2004

What about the Seagate 160MB then with 8MB cache and three year warranty at £77.37 advertised on Scan's TodayOnly page this weekend?

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The 120GB versions with SATA and ATA-150 are £70 and come with SATA serial cable and power converter; the 160MB equivalent is £88, both including VAT - however, only one year warranty in these cases.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:16 07 Mar 2004

The one from Microdirect (not in stock) would cost more than the PCW one, as you have to add postage. Now what's this about PCW being shed-loads more expensive? ;-))))


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