pcworld laptop unusual bios name.

  grabster 20:44 22 Jan 2007

Got a lappy for the wife at xmas from pcworld click here
while looking for a bios upgrade i discovered that the bios is named " dixonspcdixonspc" or very similar to that.
now how on earth do i find out if there are any bios upgrades for this machine as i dont know where to start ?

  SANTOS7 20:50 22 Jan 2007

Why do you need a bios upgrade for a lappy so new,
plus if you do it wrong you will render your lappy useless..

  skidzy 20:54 22 Jan 2007

And void the warranty Grabster.

I do believe i remember you asking for advice on what lappy to buy and your store did not have the one in stock that i found.

Why the upgrade for the bios ?

  Totally-braindead 20:54 22 Jan 2007

SANTOS7 is entirely correct. The only time I have ever had to do a BIOS update is to allow it to recognise a new faster processor. Now this is a laptop you have. In most cases you cannot upgrade the processor anyway so I wouldn't worry about it.
In most laptops all you can do is add more memory and install a bigger hard drive.

  grabster 20:57 22 Jan 2007

Just looking to see if any issues have popped up and if the relevant fixes are available as yet.
There aint nothing wrong with it but i am confused as to where to find upgrades if and when the need arises.

And i always was the curious sort.

  skidzy 21:01 22 Jan 2007

if you start messing with the bios on your missus lappy...you may well end up curious to where your dangly bits have gone !!! :-))

  SANTOS7 21:02 22 Jan 2007

There is basically nothing to upgrade, optical drives use generic drivers, BIOS upgrades are done once in a blue moon as a last resort, VGA maybe once a year, so if it aint broke!!!

  SANTOS7 21:03 22 Jan 2007

Is that a technical term then skidzy!!! OOOOH ERRRR!!

  skidzy 21:06 22 Jan 2007

Think we all get the message Santos :-)) Really wanted to say something else,but reckon the FE will have something to say about that though :-)))

  grabster 21:09 22 Jan 2007

ok then i get the point.
I am quite attached to my dangly bits so i am gonna leave things be.
Thanks for the replies folks...

  ForestChav 01:55 23 Jan 2007

PC World will release any needed updates on the TechGuys website - click here

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