PCW 3" drive to PC

  Newuser38 20:17 02 Mar 2003

Has anyone taken a 3" drive from a PCW put it into a PC and succeeded in getting data from it onto the HDD and then converted it? If it is possible to transfer a drive and get it to work,are there programs that will do the conversion say to wordpro or word?

  DieSse 20:23 02 Mar 2003

Look on the PCW support sites - there used to be a cable connection kit to do this - they may still be available. You can forget putting a 3" drive into a PC.

You can get LocoScript for the PC - I still have one client who swears by it!!

  Newuser38 20:43 02 Mar 2003

Thanks DieSse, I have been through most of them. Even one that did put a 3" in a PC. I thought one final go on my favourite site might come up with an answer. I plan to print off my stuff and scan it OCR and get it accessible on a PC that way. Bit tedious but!! I have stuff mainly in Protext always preferred it to Locoscript. Thanks again.

  DieSse 22:16 02 Mar 2003

Found this - presume this is the one you found - looks not easy!

click here

There seem to be plenty of kits to put a 3.5" drive onto the PCW - this would be a safer bet.

OR - if you don't have many 3" disks, you must have seen the conversion services.

  Newuser38 22:41 02 Mar 2003

Thanks that is the one I looked at.
I have info on several conversion services, but I guess I wondered if there were simple ways of doing it oneself without the expense.
I also as you say have the option of putting a 3.5 drive in and copying over.
I will try the scanning first have now got both 3" drives free of cobwebs, new drive belts in and drives working, as is the printer.
The whole thing is probably a bit pointless but there are one or 2 ideas, over 10 years old on the discs. I had forgotten I had kept the machine until we started a loft clear out.
Thanks again for your thoughts. I will leave the green tick until tomorrow night in case some one has other ideas.

  bfoc 23:06 02 Mar 2003

Firstly, the following link, Locomotive, which will transfer data form PCW to PC for, it says, £10 a disk.
click here

I suppose it depends on how much stuff you would have to scan (and how good your OCR engine is)!

Secondly, the other option that just struck me would be to use a modem to send the stuff to yourself. This link has details of 2 modems:
click here

But that may be too costly for your needs.

  Newuser38 13:42 03 Mar 2003


Thanks. I have identified a PCW addict in Cornwall who does it at lower cost than Locomotive. I dont really want to go to the expense of a modem for the PCW just for this.
I find Google is great for identifying things like this.
I shall try the OCR first and then decide whether to bin or buy.

  bfoc 14:22 03 Mar 2003

Partly because scanning a large number of pages can be tedious, unless you have an automatic document feeder! Or maybe I'm just lazy.

Hope it works out.
I do actually have fond memories of my PCW, it was my first 'real' computer. I even bought Locoscript for my first PC.
It was a pretty nifty program which could run from a floppy drive!
I had an old laptop with no hard disk that I used it on when I moved from Dos to Windows and when I was writing a text book, and transferring information between Mac and PC, so worked in RTF all the time. I got a lot of writing done on trains!

  Newuser38 18:44 03 Mar 2003


1st 8 pages scanned and into Word with little editing needed. Will do it gradually so it does not get to tedious. Omni Pro works well I find.

Thanks again for interest.

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