PC's packed up - where can I get help.

  Big House Bob 16:31 22 Jul 2005

Over the period of a few months my machine started making grinding noises when it was both in use and on standby. Eventually I started having trouble with the functionality of the system and it finally I couldn't find the Op System.

I was told to re-install using the Master CD. This failed with numerous different error messages about missing files etc.

I was in the fortunate position that I could buy a new base unit, and had taken data back-ups when the grinding noise started.

So now I've got a base unit that doesn't work sat on the floor, which gives me the opportunity to have a go at trying to find out what went wrong, and attempt to repair and get working again.

I would like to know of any useful resources/ reference sites out there that could help me in doing this, i.e diagnosis etc.

Or if anyone has any thoughts??


  De Marcus 16:33 22 Jul 2005

Hard drive would be my first thoughts, symptons all seem in place.

  red dragon 16:34 22 Jul 2005

If there was a grinding noise it was probably your hard disk.

It may be a good idea to check that first, especially if you cant find the o/s any more.

Hope this helps

Red Dragon

  ACOLYTE 16:37 22 Jul 2005

If it is the hard drive maybe looking on the makers site for a utility to check the drive may help ,most HDD makers have these utility's available and sometimes they can fix small hdd errors,but they cant work miracles and if the drive is to badly damaged they may not be able to help.

  woodchip 16:38 22 Jul 2005

Yes I would say you need a new hard drive and eveything reinsalling

  keith-236785 16:39 22 Jul 2005

ditto to both your replys, it is more than likely the hard drive has died.

you could try with a live linux cd to see it you could run that (knoppix is a good one) but you would need a working pc with a cdrw to download a 600mb iso file and then burn to cd.

only other option is to try a different or new hard drive.

  Big House Bob 16:52 22 Jul 2005


Hard drive sounds favourite.

I have tried the manuf's website and their 75p/min help(less) line to get as far as I had got.

I'll try a new hard drive this weekend and see what happens. I've found a website -helpwithpcs.com which looks quite interesting!

  961 16:58 22 Jul 2005

Before you go and buy a new hard drive could you just say what the base unit you have bought consists of

What was the age and make of the original computer and what was the basic spec

What operating system did it have and do you have the Windows disk and key

  Big House Bob 17:06 22 Jul 2005

Its about 3 - 4 yrs old or somewhere in between - Everex machine - won't know model no until I get home.

A 2ghz pentium running WinXP (Home).

It had a 60gb Hard disc, CDRW, DVD rom. I'd added on a pinnacle graphics card/firwire port, but other than that standard spec.

I have all the orignal discs/packaging/key codes etc, (as well as from the new base unit I've bought).

I'll need to do bit of investigating the manuals to make sure correct connections etc, but I'm not in a rush.

  woodchip 17:12 22 Jul 2005

A restore disc will not work with a new drive so if you do not have full operating system disc and key you will need to buy one

  961 17:13 22 Jul 2005

OK. So long as you have an operating system that will work in the new base unit

Many hard drives come with a 5 year warrnty now for only a few pounds more than standard warranties

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