PC's internal voltage

  Amry 20:32 27 Jan 2005

A quickie question; my computer now routinely hang during startup, just after it's finished checking the memory and whatnot. It will instruct me to check my "Hardware Monitor" in BIOS, and upon doing so, I noticed that a series of values that indicates my computer's voltage readings. It might go something like this :

12V - 12.1V
5V - 4.59V
3V - 2.77V

And in my case, the 3V value is written in red, which I deduce means that whatever it is that's supposed to have a value of three volts is... well, not.

So, my questions are :

a) what exactly is the problem, and
b) how do I fix it? What do I have to replace? My PSU? BIOS battery?

Please help me before I commit computercide....

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