Pcpitstop query

  Davepy 15:45 07 Jan 2003
  Davepy 15:45 07 Jan 2003

Have just used Pcpitstop to run a tune up on my PC. It is OK apart from poor performence from my hard drive. IE:- Drive C has cached speed of 136.13 megabites /sec when benchmark is 222 mb/sec. Has anyone know how I can adjust this speed. I run win98snd, 40gb hd,1.4gb processor,512mb memory on a ASUS A7A266 board. I disabled virus checker (Panda Titanium) wilst running the tuneup program.

  powerless 23:37 07 Jan 2003

Well as i am aware there is no setting you can change.

However, you could clear your internet temp files. Any other temp files...

Also run disc Defragmenter.

How full is you hard drive?

  jazzypop 23:43 07 Jan 2003

I assume DMA is enabled for this drive?

  User-312386 00:22 08 Jan 2003

i would not worry to much as sometime the pcpitstop utility can go haywire due to the connection

i would not worry


  Davepy 09:27 08 Jan 2003

Have cleared temp files also DMA is enabled,hard drive is 40% full & defagmenter used last week. Thanks for your input everyone, will take "madboy33's" advice and not worry.

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