charlieyoyoboy 11:54 18 Sep 2006

Can anybody out there help since i am pulling my hair out,my daughter has a Toshiba Satellite Pro 4300,600mhz,256 ram and 10gb hard drive,i want to get her connected to my wireless network at home.I have installed Windows XP home and all seems to be working EXCEPT the 2 pcmcia card slots,device manager recognizes both slots as being empty,have tried to install a wireless card using supplied cd but nothing (card works ok on my laptop running xp) Incidentally if i just put the card in the slot i thought xp would alert me that it has found new hardware,this doesnt happen.I suspect that i need to enable the slots or find some drivers for them (easier said than done),any ideas please however simple!!

  dms05 12:28 18 Sep 2006

Does the PCMCIA card fully insert? It's just possible your Toshiba (like an old one I have) needs a 16 bit PCMCIA card rather than the newer 32 bit PC Card. The newer cards won't insert fully into the 16 bit slots. That would explain why you can see the PCMCIA slots but the PCMCIA card isn't recognised as it's not fully inserting. You can still pick up old 16 bit PCMCIA WiFi cards on ebay for a few £'s. My very old Tosh Satellite 3400 works well with a Netgear 16 bit PCMCIA card under XP. One other solution is to use a USB WiFi dongle.

  charlieyoyoboy 12:46 18 Sep 2006

Worth a try,card seems to fully insert as there is a release tab that sticks out when the card is inserted,but worth a look.i would sooner not go down the route of using the USB,it only has one and i would rather not tie it up like that,although i may have to.Any suggestions to fix the slots would be appreciated?

  dms05 14:03 18 Sep 2006

The difference between a 16 bit and a 32 bit card can easily be seen - at the end of the card that goes into the PCMCIA socket a 32 bit card has a series of small bumps across the card a short distance form the end. 16 bit cards don't have the bumps. However if you are seeing the release tab sticking out it seems the card is fully inserted.

In general the rule is 'if the laptop has a USB socket then it will have a 32 bit PC Card socket'. My old Tosh is the exception, it has USB and 16 bit PCMCIA!

You say Device Manager shows the slots as empty. What does it say about the PCMCIA drivers etc and does it say the slots are enabled?

  charlieyoyoboy 14:23 18 Sep 2006

From what i can see it says that the slots are enabled,no yellow exclamation marks and that the PCMCIA drivers are the best ones windows can find (it lists 3 presumably installed when i put xp on it) baffling me!

  Fingees 15:00 18 Sep 2006

Have you installed the software before inserting the card?

If you insert the card prior to installing the software, it will not work.

  charlieyoyoboy 15:02 18 Sep 2006

Yes following instructions supplied you are prompted when to insert the card.Works fine on my laptop just not the Tosh.

  charlieyoyoboy 17:19 18 Sep 2006

Have i got you all beat,have played with BIOS settings and no joy there either,have downloaded drivers for wifi card direct from manufacturer incase the installation disc was corrupt,no difference.HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  woodchip 17:23 18 Sep 2006

I have this problem with my laptop, but a screwdriver down the back edge between card and comp in slot makes it work

  charlieyoyoboy 17:26 18 Sep 2006

crude but effective,any other suggestions?

  woodchip 17:32 18 Sep 2006

Well I did take the Laptop appart but could not see anything. I tryed the press toward one side first. Its only a thin driver. Needs a bit of wood from woodchip

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