slaveofconvention 20:49 20 Apr 2003

Anyone know where I can get a PCI card that will allow me to use 16 AND 32 bit PCMCIA cards in my desktop PC?

I recently bought Dlink 22Mb wireless networking parts, specifically a 520+ PCI card and a 650+ PCMCIA card. My PC just doesnt want to know the 520, despite a full reinstallation of XP pro, but the card is fine cos it works in my second PC. As i'd prefer to stick with DLINK, I'm looking for a way to use a 650 in my main desktop. I'm ASSUMING (correct me if I shouldnt) that if i mix manufacturers, that the speed will drop to the standard 11Mbps.

There is no point looking for hardware conflicts with other parts in the PC, as I'm a bit of a techie, so don't have anything there I dont need, but this problem is startin to drive me loopy....

Can I buy a different make of 22Mb PCI (3com for example) and expect 22Mb, or am I correct in assuming the 22Mb isnt standardised the way the 11 is...

  two00lbwaster 21:06 20 Apr 2003

im thining that they use the same texas instruments chips so interoperability my be possible, it depends on the manufacturers tolerences but you're right in that it should run at the native 11mbs speed when it cant use the duel channel mode of 22mbs.

thry here and you'll have to go through most of the manufacturers sites to get the specifications. i'll leave that to you as i'm busy currently

  two00lbwaster 21:06 20 Apr 2003

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