PCMCIA cards

  Boy Zone 19:31 09 Sep 2007

I need to purchase a PCMCIA card to enable my laptop to have firewire connection. I know there are two sizes and mine is Type 11, but have no idea what this relates to in size.
I also see there is a wide variation in cost, some with USB and firewire. On EBay you can buy one for £7.00 and other places, with just firewire they can cost up to £15.00.
My question is, where is the best place to buy and does speed ver cost effect the price you pay?
I intend to use my laptop to create a DVD from a digi cam tape,

  dan* 19:51 09 Sep 2007

like most things you can get branded and unbranded goods. the likes of belkin and others will be expensive, while the Chinese clones of these will do the job just as good but be cheaper.

also consider that firewire cards come in different flavours. You can have the 1394a which is a max of 400Mbps or the 1394b which has a max transfer rate of 800mbps. b cards or a mixture of a + b will be more expensive than straight a standard cards.

have you a link to the cards you are considering?

  Boy Zone 20:05 09 Sep 2007

Thanks dan*
the cable I have is for the old 6 pin cable 400Mbps.

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