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  Peanut001 08:00 14 Jan 2003
  Peanut001 08:00 14 Jan 2003

I am trying to get my 2nd pc up to scratch with a new graphics card but the m/board is a very old qdi 430 IB+ with a PCI 2.1 but i have just got a hercules ati 9000 PCI card which wants a 2.2 PCI slot, are the PCI slots like agp and only run at the slower speed or will the card not work at all, i have tried and its not liking it altho it may just be the card doesnt work!

PLEASE help asap because i wanna change it today which ever way it is

  Peanut001 08:34 14 Jan 2003

just tried card in main pc and ran ok, so does anyone know if im right to believe that a 2.2 card can not run in a 2.1 slot??
I really dont wanna have to use an mx 420 card instead of a 9000

  Elrond 11:21 14 Jan 2003

I would say that it is most likely backwards compatible, as most things are. So it shud be ok. BUt in the meantime this shud send you backt to the top and hopefukky sum1 with more kno-how will confirm

  Elrond 11:22 14 Jan 2003

hopefukky = hopefully, k and l are so close together my fingers arent working.

  Peanut001 17:20 14 Jan 2003

can anyone help asap as i am about to go and take it back??
I also have to as admit i got it from pcworld, i know its a cardinal sin but was desperate so please someone help this man as i am obviously in need of some serious help!!!!!!!!

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