PCI Simple Communications Controller?

  reebok 19:01 06 Apr 2003

Every time I start my computer I'm told new hardware has been found (PCI Simple Communications Controller).........must have been a ghost, 'cos I havn't put any new hardware in. I'm running Win XP, I know one of you clever people can help...cheers.

  Taran 19:09 06 Apr 2003

This normally refers to a PCI modem that has not been correctly installed or where the drivers for it are in question somehow.

Have you made any recent system changes at all, either hardware or software that you can pin this fault down to ?

Is your modem working correctly ?

Try checking out the device manager and look for any faults listed to do with your modem. Any errors will have a code of some kind in the device properties which should help you identify the nature of the problem.



  reebok 19:18 06 Apr 2003

Hi Taran.....I havn't made any changes to hard/software before this started, modem is working fine.
Device Manager shows this controller in "Other Devices", The properties show no driver. If I knew what the thing was I might have the disc it came with.....but I havn't got a clue what it is.

  Taran 19:36 06 Apr 2003

OK, you've got me.

Perhaps you're right, perhaps it is a ghost !

One final thing to check out and I'll admit defeat. If you know your way around your system BIOS or if you have your motherboard manual handy, you could check and see if there is an onboard modem as well as a dedicated PCI modem installed.

Some older modems and soundcards were combined devices and caused a few headaches in their time. I'm wondering whether you may actually have an onboard modem and a dedicated PCI device. Granted, I could be clutching at some very big straws here, but frankly I have no other suggestions off the top of my head.

Oh, there is one other thing. I saw a similar error recently where a friend had upgraded to WinXP and his modem was identified as a PCI device when in fact it was an AMR modem that the system had wrongly picked up on. Go figure.

Perhaps someone else will manage to solve this one for you.

Good luck with it, and I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help.


  Rayuk 19:46 06 Apr 2003

Couple of links for you to check through click here and click here

  reebok 23:33 06 Apr 2003

Thanks for the advice but it looks like noboby has a fix for me as yet..........one of the links I tried mentioned a Windows update, I did download the latest ones a few days ago. Can these be removed to try and see if they are the cause?

  DieSse 00:17 07 Apr 2003

You could try, removing the "ghost" device, and removing the modem, and the real PCI comm controller - then reboot and let the modem get redetected. the problem then sometimes goes away. Otherwise, as long as it only does it once, and causes no problems - ignore it.

  BigMoFoT 00:22 07 Apr 2003

Perhaps it is an onboard modem - try disabling in integrated peripherasl in bios or advanced chipset

  reebok 22:53 07 Apr 2003

I've already removed the internal modem that came with the computer and replaced it with an external one with a serial connector, this was done months ago and this problem only started a few days ago. Anyway, what is a PCI Simple Comm Contorller, is it a modem?

  DieSse 07:31 08 Apr 2003

"PCI Simple Comm Contorller" - is not the modem, it's part of an internal "soft" modem. Essentially, since an internal modem does not connect to a serial port in your system, it needs it's own serial port on the modem card. You can think of the PCI etc as the serial port on the modem card, the rest of the card being the actual modem.

If you have removed the internal modem and now use an external one, then you should not be getting the PCI etc detected. Windows is a bit dumb sometimes!

Can you give a list of all the cards in the system please.

  BigMoFoT 21:22 08 Apr 2003

If your previous modem was a CNR or AMR then the onboard features, such as AC97 chipset which will include the modem will need to be disabled!

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