PCI Problems

  TheShoopShoopSong 22:31 26 Jan 2003

Recently i have required a internal PCI modem and network card, but it seems that both items just wont get recognised by windows and other various software. I have tried putting them onto different slots, up dating the bios and reformatted windows. tehy dont appear at all in windows, even under device manager. ive tried in stalling the driver in hope taht once they were installed then maybe they could be recognised, but still nothing. can anyone offer any help.

Here my spec:
Asus A7V333, 512 DDR, 1.3 AMD, 2x 40 gig HDD (Quantum Fireball/Seagate), GF2 MX220, Net-lynx PCI modem IFM560, Net-gear NIC amd Windowns XP Pro with SP1 built in.

PLEASE HELP ME..............

  ellas 22:47 26 Jan 2003

suppose you have tried add hardware wizard in system properties.

  PSF 22:55 26 Jan 2003

Have you tried installing them one at a time and the using add hardware as ellas suggested.

If the nic is a FA311 it should install without any drivers as they are in XP. I have the same mobo and fitted two of the cards with no problems.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:01 26 Jan 2003

Slots ?.

You may think they have but look to make sure that they are seated properly. Only fit one card at a time. Make sure the Gold pins are covered deep inside the PCI Slot groove.

Is the Plug & Play in Bios enabled ?.

  TheShoopShoopSong 00:06 27 Jan 2003

Hi thanks for your comments, yes i have tried teh hardware wizard and yes teh plug and play devices are enabled in the bio. in my mind i have treied every single possible thing there is under the sun, but maybe i missed something? please keep suggesting suggestions

  PSF 00:16 27 Jan 2003

In the bios have you tried 'load set-up defaults'
and then try refitting one of the cards?

  TheShoopShoopSong 14:17 27 Jan 2003

yes i have tried loadeing setup defaults in the bios, yet nothing happens. could it be that i have shorted soemthing on my motherboard and that is what causing the problems that i have now?

  PSF 15:03 27 Jan 2003

Do you have a sound card installed?

If you do and it is working ok try and install one of the cards in the sound card slot.

If it does work it could be your other slots are u/s.

You could try the sound card in one of the other slots after.

I had a similar problem on a system that had been near a lightning strike.
The ISA modem would not work, I replaced it for a PCI modem that I knew worked but it was not recognised. Eventually when I swapped the sound card and modem around the modem worked and the sound card would not. The first three slots were dead!!!

Do you know someone with another system where you can fit the cards to test them?

  TheShoopShoopSong 16:08 27 Jan 2003

no i dont have a sound card as the motherboard has on board sound, thinking about it now, i dont even have sound comming out of my speakers when i am in windows. the only sound that i actually get is when teh PC boots up and teh Asus Post Reporter comes on. I have tried using a soundcard from another machine and tried it in all the slots on my own motherboard, and still nothing. What else is there i have missed?
There has been a sudden surge of power into myu pc as there have been no lightening strikes, or anything. nothing has burned out as there are no burn mark or smelss, and tehre are no marks on the motherboard which would indicated that i have either scratched or damaged the thing. The problems has occured suddenly and i cant work out what the problem is. Please help me fix my dilemma as buy a new motherboard would seem like an easy option but being a student, money is tight

  PSF 17:11 27 Jan 2003

A few more things to check:

Have you got any exclamation marks in your device manager?

Have you installed the Via 4in1 drivers.

In the bios have you set the IRQ allocation to Auto.

  TheShoopShoopSong 17:37 27 Jan 2003

yes everything that has been mentioned so far has been done and checked vigorously...

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