PCI Modem Problem in WinXP

  Nitin 02:29 07 Mar 2003

I have an internal PCI modem installed which ACTUALLY works & connects to my ISP. I don't know what make or chipset it has or whether it's a generic brand. I understand the chipset can be Motorola or Conexant. I have installed a Motorola driver - I don't know if it's the right one. The problem is when the cables are normally connected my cordless telephone's ring doesn't work so I can't hear incoming calls (when off-line). So everytime I am on the internet I have to configure my cables appropriately & when I go off-line, I have to connect my telephone cable directly to the telephone socket to hear incoming call rings. Can anyone help? Thanks.

  AndyJ 13:01 07 Mar 2003

When you have the phone and modem connected together as you say, (and you are offline) when you pick the phone up - can you hear a dial-tone?

  Nitin 18:27 07 Mar 2003

Thanks AndyJ - Yes I can hear the dial tone when I am off-line but I can't hear any incoming call rings if I leave the cables as they are. Any further help appreciated.

  AndyJ 18:44 07 Mar 2003

Could be down to the good old REN number. Each device on a phone system has a REN number (usually 1 - and should be printed underneath the phone - some are 1.5 to two). If you exceed the maximum number (usually 4) it can stop your phone ringing on incoming calls.

If you have other phones plugged in, try unplugging them and see if the problem miraculously disappears. If so...hey presto...you'd exceeded the maximum REN.

Fingers crossed

  Nitin 01:44 08 Mar 2003

Hi again AndyJ. My telephone REN is 1 and I don't have any other telephone attached. Maybe there is something wrong with the modem or its driver. Thanks again.

  AndyJ 10:28 08 Mar 2003

Are you connecting the phone to the modem or are you connecting to an adaptor at the phone socket.

If you are connecting to the modem and there's no ring, but the ring works when using an adaptor at the phone socket, suspect either the modem is not set up correctly, or, the lead from modem to phone socket is not compatible with a UK phone socket (if you buy another one ask if the lead is UK compatible).

Check that you have wired up the connections correctly and set the phone ring volume to maximum when you test. Does the phone need a battery for the ring, if so make sure you have a fresh battery in it just in case it's just a lack of power being affected by the modem. Make sure the lead isn't routed alongside anything that could cause interference e.g. printer cables / fax cables

If I have any more "bright" ideas which ring a bell (sorry for the pun) I'll let you know.

  AndyJ 10:42 08 Mar 2003

One extra thought. What happens when you ring the phone externally when it's connected to the modem i.e. what exactly do you hear? Is it a ringing sound, a screeching sound, nothing or what?

  The Idle one 10:47 08 Mar 2003

There is also a furter point - The actual voice part of the phone line uses 2 wires; but the ringing circuit uses a third wire.
It can happen if using an extension cable from mastere socket to computer adaptor that the 3 rd & 4 th wires get reversed - so losing the ringing.
I have known it happen with ready wired as well as home made varieties.
The 2 wire telephone connection can also be reversed in this way but this usually causes the 'ringer' to continuously whistle.
Have fun but dont get too angry with our ' helpful' hints - its usually something simple.


  Nitin 02:39 09 Mar 2003

Hi AndyJ - The phone is connected to the modem (which I think is how it should be anyway) and another cable from the modem directly to the phone socket (without any adaptors). If the cables were not UK compatible - then how come I get a proper internet connection? So I think that may not be the cause. Maybe it could be the phone battery. I'II need to check it out. There are many other cables around i.e. printer, speakers etc. as you would expect normally. Finally, AndyJ, I can make external calls perfectly when the phone is connected via the modem with normal dialing tone & rings.

The Idle One - thanks for your input. I think your suggestion needs to be checked further. There is no extension cable from the master phone socket to the computer BUT I know for a fact that only 2 wires are connected in the master socket. But the phone works perfectly when connected directly to the master socket both voice & ringer on 2 wires only. Could it be that the modem is not compatible with a cordless 2 handset phone? All suggestions/advice most appreciated.

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