Is the PCI modem kaput ?

  Coupe Racing 21:17 06 Aug 2008


after a recent lightening strike - my pc running XP switched off suddenly and crashed the operating system. ( see MMC Snap In )

I have fixed the registry error because I could not see the Device Manager - but device manager now no longer sees the internal modem.I removed it - and re-installed the software then inserted the card into the slot - but upon boot up - XP did not find any new hardware.

Modem fried ????

Many thanks

Coupe Racing

  MAJ 21:32 06 Aug 2008

There's little that will do a better job of frying components than a lightning strike, so if you escaped with only a fried modem, Coupe Racing, count your blessings. It does sound like that's the problem, but at about £10 for a new modem, it shouldn't be too hard to remedy............ as long as your PCI slots are okay? Any other cards in the PCI slots that aren't working?

  Coupe Racing 21:43 06 Aug 2008

now I have sorted out the registry - carried out a repair loading of XP etc - the pc is faster than ever and I lost nothng except the moden usage .

I dont have any other PCI exquipment - but have 4 slots - so whilst the side panel is off - I agree - its worth the £10 for the modem - some more memory and a PCI card with 4 USB ports .

I will post and see how I get on

Many thanks

Coupe Racing

  MAJ 21:47 06 Aug 2008

I'm sure you have tried the modem in another PCI slot just to be sure, Coupe Racing?

  Coupe Racing 21:58 06 Aug 2008

Certainly have - first thing I did.
The modem is not recognised in device manager - nor in Phone & modem options in control panel.
It does not even show its self when searching or adding new hardware.

I am never comfortable asking for help which may be simply resolved - but I hope I tried most avenues before troubling those with more experience than me.

Thank you for your assistance - I will try all suggestions.


Coupe Racing

  Coupe Racing 22:36 07 Aug 2008

Popped a new modem in - £7.00 , so much cheaper than a new pc .....

Also bought a surge protector too for mains power and data cables.Better late than never I guess

All ok Now - many thanks for all the help.


Coupe Racing

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