PCI graphics Cards

  The Mad Monk 23:48 22 Jun 2004

I bought a PC last year from A big store as it was an easy option on payments. Howver On looing inside the box there is no AGP Graphics Slot and I am not impressed.

However I plan to get a PCI graphics Card and would like to know what kind I should be looking for. I play few games but sometimes play AOE2 against my lad who has 512Mb Ram and 64 Mb AGP graphics. I have 512 MB and the Graphics is 'onboard' so can only presume it is taken from my 512Mb.

What should i be looking for and are they any good?

  [email protected] 23:57 22 Jun 2004

Age of Empires II is not a graphic intensive game by any stretch of the imagination. When playing it does your computer ever struggle? It shouldn't with 512 MB RAM

If that is the only game you play and your onboard graphics is coping then you may as well leave it.

If you do want a graphics card, I would recommend you get an ATI 9200 or nVidea FX5200. Both these cards are very decent and low cost and are capable of running much more graphic intensive games than Age of Empires 2

  The Mad Monk 00:01 23 Jun 2004

I quite like flight sims but am looking around to buy one. Would they need a graphics card with my 512Mb??

Also when playing 8 players (me and kid versus 6 others) AOE2 does tend to slow a bit - not a lot(to coin a phrase)but enough to annoy.

Are the ATI9200 and FX 5200 PCI?

  rickimalone 00:03 23 Jun 2004

ATI 9200 or nVidea FX5200 Niether of these cards are AGP look here for PCI CARDS:click here

Also look at the ati section for there PCI graphics cards however dont expect too much in the way of performance....

  [email protected] 00:17 23 Jun 2004

click here click here click here are some pages with PCI grpahics cards

  [email protected] 00:20 23 Jun 2004

Also most GAME stores seem to sell a lot of PNY PCI cards but they are usually quite expansive

  [email protected] 00:26 23 Jun 2004

"Also when playing 8 players (me and kid versus 6 others) AOE2 does tend to slow a bit - not a lot(to coin a phrase)but enough to annoy."

Are you sure it is your computer that is lagging? It may be one of the other player's computers that are going slow which causes everyone elses to slow down as they all have to go at the same rate. I know it is hard to tell when it starts going jumpy but i find that when my friend disconnects from the game, it speeds up by a huge amount.

It may also be the internet connection but when it is 'jumpy' it is normally a computer struggling.

If you press F4 (I think) during the game, it brings up the scores. It puts a symbol by the name of the person who is causing the game to go slow so if it is a friend's computer that is struggling it will place a turtle symbol by their name

Hope that helps, David

  The Mad Monk 00:38 23 Jun 2004

will look at that tomorrow Dave, kids have more than me though! Doh!!

thanks anyway.. will be buying one anyway


  User-312386 08:29 23 Jun 2004

if you look on the packaging on the games, they tell you what specifications you need to run them

  rickimalone 12:00 23 Jun 2004

I stand happily corrected!!!

  woodbexhill 12:37 23 Jun 2004

You're gonna be pushed to find a PCI Graphics card which will even near the standards of most AGP cards that are purchased today. Unfortunately, a lot of large PC companies seem to make claims and sell you things which aren't actually entirely true. For instance when I purchased this machine, an eMachine from PC World, I was told it had an AGP Slot which was occupied by a Radeon card. Doubting it, I requested a look inside the case - and to not much suprise, there was an AGP Slot... but it was empty, the graphics were built onto the card.

Anyway, back onto the topic. I beg to differ with '[email protected]' claim that "Both these cards are very decent" in referral to the FX5200 and 9200 cards. I don't know the exact benchmark details, but it has been proven that the FX5200 underperforms even in comparison to GeForce 4 cards produced a lot longer ago - and with that in mind, if the FX5200-level of card is what you want, you may get almost the same, if not better, perfomance out of a GeForce4 PCI card for a cheaper price.

I haven't bought a PCI Card for a couple of years, so I don't really know what is entirely available for a PCI slot but make sure you do your research fully, if a FX5200 level of card is all you need then shop around for a good price with a fair amount of memory.

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