pci fan

  [email protected] 23:44 07 May 2007

im trying to find the above, i have heard them mentioned but cant find any, i have tried novatech, e buyer and cant see any, are they known by another name?
What i want is a fan that plugs into a pci slot in an attempt to keep a moderatly overclocked 8800gtx a touch cooler than the sun.
also tried googling it but to no avail.

  skidzy 23:53 07 May 2007

click here

From click here

though pci-e adman.

  Totally-braindead 23:57 07 May 2007
  [email protected] 23:57 07 May 2007

is this the type
click here

  project 90 00:26 08 May 2007

i got 1 of the exhausht blower right in front of me kinda like the 1st link off braindeads links

picked it up for a £5 from a local pc shop in tynemouth when i was working down there pure luck but i dnt use it now :) ur welcome to have it if u wanna try it?

  project 90 00:28 08 May 2007

but that is a nice 1 on ravens link :)

  [email protected] 00:34 08 May 2007

cheers guys, i really must try harder! my first pc is in a small compaq case, so i thought a fan under the card blowing air directly into the the air hole thingy may cool it down somewhat, there great cards but really hardwork, im trying to work out how you would clean the dust out of them and many have removed the cowl as they seem to run 10 degrees cooler without, but i think that would stop the warm air going out the back of the case, this one also idles hotter than underload for some reason, load a game, fan comes in and temp drops by 1 degree? thanks for the ideas/ offers

  [email protected] 08:26 08 May 2007

thinking about my idea, it's not going to work. all the fans seen to exhaust, ie suck and not blow.
my only accessable pci slot thanks to the size of the card is under the graphics card (pci express slot is on top) so my idea was to have a fan blowing the graphics card if it's sucking i think it will conflict.
time for a rethink!

  keef66 09:27 08 May 2007

You're trying to cool a graphics card? Google for vga cooler. Replace the cooler on the card with a better one from Arctic Cooling, Zalman etc.

Just double check the size and compatibility with your card.

  Totally-braindead 15:13 08 May 2007

Agree with keef66, I have a passive grphics card - no fan just a mega heatsink but if I was concerned about noise or heat on the graphics card I would either get a new card or a replacement fan/cooler.
If you got a VGA cooler with a bigger heatsink as an example then the fan wouldn't need to run so fast to cool it subsequently quieter and cooler.
Considering its a powerful card you have replacing it is not an option so a better VGA cooler would be the thing.
Heres some as examples click here

  [email protected] 20:36 08 May 2007

nobody makes one do they? for the 8800

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