pci express x1 slot advice needed

  willo500 17:16 22 Apr 2007


I have a Dell 3100c desktop. It has onboard graphics and I want to upgrade this with an additional graphics card so that I can run bigger monitors at higher resolution than supported by the onboard arrangement.

I have two pci slots free and a pci express x1 slot free too. The express x1 slot is "low profile".

Last time I upgraded a graphics card I used the APG slot but times have changed.

My query is this:

I know you can get x8 and x16 but don't really know what this means. Will this pci express x1 slot be adequate for modern graphics cards. Also does the fact that it is low profile ( it looks much much smaller than the other pci slots )make any difference?

Thanks very much in advance for your help.


  Technotiger 17:19 22 Apr 2007

Hi, PCIe is faster than AGP and seems to be overtaking AGP these days, AGP is the 'old' one here.

  willo500 17:25 22 Apr 2007

Thanks Technotiger.

I notice a lot of cards are specified for x16 and mine is only x1. I am confused as to how this limits my choice. Can anyone clarify please?

Also does the low profile aspect affect things?


  Technotiger 17:33 22 Apr 2007

Read this, it should answer many of your questions ...

click here

  Ex plorer 18:04 22 Apr 2007

Just had a look at a PCI Express slot in my PC and its slightly longer than a PCI slot.

  Ex plorer 18:12 22 Apr 2007

Had another look and there is a PCIEX1 slot also as you say it looks much much smaller than the other pci slots. I am not a wizard at PCs but I dont think this is for Graphics.

  willo500 18:39 22 Apr 2007

Hmm I'm a bit concerned now that I won't be able to fit a graphics card to this pc to improve my monitor. The only slot I have is a PCI or this x1 slot which is slower than a AGPx8 slot and seems useless for graphics. I will probably need to buy a whole pc. I wish I had done a bit more research before buying it.


  Totally-braindead 18:41 22 Apr 2007

I'm afraid you are correct about the PCIE x 1 slot that is for adding other devices, not for graphics. I'm afraid you choices are very limited.

  willo500 18:42 22 Apr 2007

Ah well thanks for the help guys. I will probably just have to save up my pennies and buy more wisely next time round.

Thanks again


  jam500 19:02 22 Apr 2007

Hold on before we get carried away. Just because you only have an agp slot it does not mean that you are dead in the water. Nvidia have at least one highish AGP card availible and im still using my Geforce 6800ULTRA which by today standards is very old hat. Some people are very quick to dismiss old technology, But some of us just dont have enough money to keep up. You say the last time you updated a graphics card, But you dont say if it is on your current pc. So you must know what a AGP slot looks like as you have installed an AGP card, And you know what a PCIEx1 slot looks like and the PCI ones as well. So is there any slots that dont look like these. I only ask as PCIx1 slots have not been around for long, And i dont think i have seen a board with a PCIEx1 slot and an AGP slot aswell. Only a PCIEx1 slot 1 PCIEx8 or x16 and 2 normal PCI slots.

  Ex plorer 19:04 22 Apr 2007

All is not lost you can fit a PCI graphics Card it all depends what you want it for read and study them, some borrow resources and others dont
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