PCI Express graphics problem

  rob_gould 10:18 18 Jan 2007

Hi All,

I’ve just finished building a new computer for my girlfriend, based around this motherboard:

Abit IP-95

click here

Everything works perfectly, including onboard graphics, but because this shares motherboard RAM, I also bought this PCI express graphics card:

256MB Connect3D Radeon X550

click here

When I put the card in and power the pc up, nothing happens. The fans start and the hard drive spins up, but the two beeps that normally occur do not sound, and nothing is displayed, with the monitor connected to the graphics card, or the onboard graphics output. It seems like connecting the PCI express card is preventing the whole computer from initiating the boot process.

I have gone into the BIOS and made PCI express the primary graphics adapter, but this makes no difference (the onboard graphics still works when this option is selected in BIOS, and PCI-E graphics card is not connected.

I’m completely stumped here – any ideas on this one? Faulty PCI-E graphics card? Faulty PCI-E slot on motherboard? Or am I just missing something really obvious because this is my first build using PCI-Express graphics?

Any advice greatly appreciated



  keef66 12:42 18 Jan 2007

Either it's a duff card (can you test it in another pci-express pc?) or there's something else you need to do to make it work. Are there any jumpers on the mobo which need moving to make the pci-e 16x slot active?

  keef66 12:48 18 Jan 2007

Practically speaking, you might be better off sticking with the onboard graphics and increasing the ram instaed.

Unless of course you're thinking of playing games on it, in which case you might want to consider a better graphics card.

  Wizards_Sleeve 13:05 18 Jan 2007

Have you only got one PCI-E slot on your mobo? I would look at the link but my work comp won't display it for some reason!

if its got two then have you tried it in the other? that might be a way to ascertain if you have a dodgy pci-e slot. also, do you need to diable the OB GFX in the bios?? i dont think you should need to but its an idea

  keef66 13:05 18 Jan 2007

I've downloaded the mobo manual but it doesn't give any clues. Is there a setting in the bios to manually disable the onboard graphics as well as making pci-express 16x primary adapter?

Is there a setting for secondary adapter you can set to None?

Can you borrow another pci-e card to try??

Beyond that, I'm out of ideas.

Good luck!

  Wizards_Sleeve 13:06 18 Jan 2007

right, found the mobo on scan, and it appears you only have the one PCI-E slot!!! so scrub that idea!

  Technotiger 13:08 18 Jan 2007

Hi, 'no beeps' that usually indicates no Power, Loose Card, or Short.

You also said 'the two beeps that usually occur'
Hmmm, a normal startup usually results in a single beep! Two beeps sometimes indicate a POST error, or circuit failure!

  rob_gould 13:22 18 Jan 2007

Hey all

thanks for your responses - in fact after a full morning of digging about when the boss wasn't looking I think i might have found the answer: this is my first dual core build with a 24 pin motherboard, and what I've found is that it's the extra 4 pins (compared to the old 20 pin ones) that supply part of the power to the PCI-E slots. The PSU i'm using is a 20 pin, so I've got a 20pin to 24pin converter from maplin, and am hoping when I try that everything will work.

Many motherboards apparently allow you to bypass these 4 pins and supply power to the PCI-E slots anyway through jumpers / bios settings, but as mine is a buget board I'm pretty certain it does not unfortunately - cos i'd have picked up on this when reading the manual, checkng the website etc!

I'll post the results tonight when I've tried for the sake of anyone else who might have this problem in the future.

Thanks again guys


  keef66 13:43 18 Jan 2007

I thought the extra 4 pins provided power to the cpu? Maybe the 20 pins is enough to power the cpu until the additional drain of the graphics card is added, at which point it will no longer boot.

I think if I was building a pci-e pc I'd go for a pci-e power supply too.

Yes, do let us know how you get on.

  rob_gould 14:14 18 Jan 2007

Hi Keef66,

Cheers for your response - you might be interested in this:

click here

and in particular the long post from JPMiller on the subject of the extra 4 pins, their function, and conversion between 20pin PSUs and 24pin boards etc

  keef66 16:31 18 Jan 2007

Nice one! That sorted out some confusion / misconceptions for me too.

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