PCI Express Graphics Card

  adamh87 13:53 21 Nov 2005

I'm going to be purchasing a new PCI-Express graphics card; I want a 256MB and NVIDIA preferably. I have about £100 to spend, maybe willing to go higher.

Recommendations please.


  jbp1982 14:00 21 Nov 2005
  nar 14:06 21 Nov 2005

You will be pushing it at that price to get a 256 pci card thats any good. consider any 128mb in the 6600gt range such as XFX. I have a Leadtek 6600gt extreme that plays far cry, doom 3 on full settings with no slow down anywhere.

Make sure your powersupply can handle it (anything over 400w should be more than fine)

What mobo, proc and mem do you have?

  keef66 14:42 21 Nov 2005

128mb PCi-express 6600 gt's are in your budget. E-buyer have a Gainward card at £101 incl vat, and you can find own-brand cards for less.
In this price bracket you're looking at mid-range cards, and here you wouldn't really benefit much from the extra memory; on many occasions I've seen benchmarks where 128mb cards are slightly quicker than their 256mb counterparts.

128mb 6600GT is what I'd buy if it were my money

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