PCI Express Card problems

  glen2409 08:44 12 Aug 2006


I have just upgraded my pc. I have fitted an AsRock 939 DualSATA motherboard and an AMD 3800+ X2 dual core cpu. Everyting is fine and the pc works ok. I also bought an ATI Radeon X550 graphics card, PCI Express16. I uninstalled my old AGP nvidia card and then fitted the new card.

On boot up I get one beep and about 5 quick beeps with no display but the pc continues to boot. I have attempted this several times and checked the card isseated ok and connected.

I have reinstalled my agp card for the time being but do not know what is the problem with the card.

Any ideas please?

  ArrGee 10:58 12 Aug 2006

It may be as simple as a defunct card. Does the bleeping also happen in safe mode?

  vinnyT 13:10 12 Aug 2006

You may find this useful, click here, BIOS Beep codes.

  glen2409 16:19 12 Aug 2006

I cannot see safe mode as i don't get any display on my monitor, the system boots though. The agp card works fine but cant get the pci express16 card to post and display

  vinnyT 16:29 12 Aug 2006

I'm assuming it's a dual card mobo (ie it can use both agp and pci-x, but not at the same time)?

Is there a switch or jumper you have to physically change on the mobo itself?

Give us the model of the mobo, so we can look on the net.

  glen2409 16:33 12 Aug 2006


Thanks for the reply. It can use pci,pciexpress and agp. Not sure if can run both at the same time.

It is an AsRock 939DualSata mobo. Only find jumpers in the manual relating to cpu, whether 939 or 940 socket

  glen2409 13:05 13 Aug 2006

Can't find much on Sapphires website about this problem. Checked the manual and can't find anything about jumpers to do with pci express card

  citadel 20:13 13 Aug 2006

as it is both agp and pci expess there may be an option in the bios to select which to enable.

  glen2409 20:16 13 Aug 2006

Checked the bios and everythnig ok. it posta one long beep and 8 shorter beeps. this seems to be a display/retrace error from what i can tell. Either faulty card or faulty motherboard slot possibly

  vinnyT 13:57 14 Aug 2006

All I can suggest, is that if you have a really good friend with a pci-x card in his/her pc, ask them to let you try it in your mobo, if it still dosn't work the mobo is likely at fault, if it does work, then your gcard is likely at fault.

I'm supprised that there isn't anything that you have to do to tell the mobo to use either agp or pci-x. For eg, if I had intergrated graphics, but then changed to a dedicated gcard, I would have to change a setting in the bios to tell it not to boot from the onboard graphics.

Hope this helps.

  glen2409 17:57 14 Aug 2006

Thanks for the help. Unfortunately don't know anyone with a pci express16 graphics card in their system.

I did set the graphics primary adapter in the BIOS to pcie.

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