ste_bla 16:42 27 Jun 2004

Seen some new motherboards and people going mad over this new bit of tech [on other forums] and i just dont get it, most of the boards that use PCI-Express (PCI-X) come with 1* 16x slot 2or3* 1x slot and 2* old 33mhx PCI slot.

Personally if i turn my AGP graphics card (9600xt) from 8x down to 4x i notice no difference so why would anyone need a net faster graphics port?! i just canna understand..

Anyhows thats not my question.. [this is] Where can you get other items prehaps sound/modem/etc for 1x PCI-X ??

Oh and also not PCI-X i know but what sort of things go into a PCI 64bit slot? (thinkin of dual xeon)

  Arthur Scrimshaw 16:57 27 Jun 2004

technology drives sales - sales drives technology - repeat ad nauseum.

It's like asking why people need AMD64 processors - the short answer is they don't - yet.

But they will in a while.

  ste_bla 03:42 28 Jun 2004


Anyone know what actually goes into a PCI-X 1x slot? or a 64bit pci?

And websites if poss

  temp003 06:58 28 Jun 2004

I myself have not read about any upcoming product using the PCI-X (1x) slots.

Same as you, I've only read about the graphics cards for the 16x slot.

I agree with you that for presently available graphics cards, the 16x slot does not make much difference. But the point about the 16x slot is, I suppose, for gamers, this gives them an opportunity to upgrade in future to faster cards which presumably can make a difference with a 16x slot. When they are going to come out, and whether it's worth getting a PCI-X board now, is of course another question.

The PCI-X specification on the new motherboards may not be entirely useless. I seem to have read that certain onboard elements will be using the PCI-X (1x) speed - such as onboard gigabit LAN - maybe something to do with a faster bus architecture?? - but I don't know enough about it, so take that with a pinch of salt.

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