PCI-E x 16

  Shavenuw 13:04 03 Oct 2007

I have a graphics card which is PCI-E x 16 compatible (ATI Radeon X1650 512mb). My motherboard is a P4 Dual 880 Pro. Although this should be capable of running a PCI-E x 16 graphics card, the link width is only x 4. Is there anything I can do to allow my graphics card to run at full potential? I currently average about 12 fps on Day of Defeat:Source.

  gudgulf 13:48 03 Oct 2007

Pci-e 16x has a bandwidth of 8GB/s and therefore your 4x slot has 2GB/s.

That's the same as good old AGP 3 which also sports 2GB/s bandwidth.

Your X1650 will come nowhere near needing the 2GB/s data transfer rate of Pci-e 4x.........so it isn't going to be slowed down by the restriction of operating at 4x rather than 16x.

What's the rest of your pc specification?

...cpu/memory/monitor etc....and what settings are you running the game at?

  Shavenuw 15:40 03 Oct 2007

Pentium 4 2.66 GHz, 1.5 Gig RAM (PC2100 133 MHz), plug & play monitor (LCD - 60Hz). Windows XP (SP2). I regular run System Mechanic 6 to remove clutter, defrag etc. PC is about 4 years old. Originally an eMachines off the shelf until a hole appeared in the southbridge port which meant getting a new motherboard. At that time I upgraded to a PCI-e from the original AGP.

  Shavenuw 15:42 03 Oct 2007

As for game settings, it doesnt really matter what setting I use - either the suggested ones for my system or turning them all down to minimum - both give equally crap performance.

  gudgulf 16:15 03 Oct 2007

"As for game settings, it doesnt really matter what setting I use - either the suggested ones for my system or turning them all down to minimum - both give equally crap performance."

I was afraid you'd say that.....Your set-up should play all source engined games no problem.

So...what happens with non multi-player games?

Do you have any games with built in benchmarking such as Counterstrike source?

Open Task manager and look through the running processes.See if anything is hogging the CPU (other than System Idle).

  Shavenuw 17:20 03 Oct 2007

56 processes, 00 CPU usage except system idle - around 96%. I have run the video stress test in Counter Strike:Source and from memory that gave an average of about 55 fps. CS:S games do tend to have better fps than DoD:S though.

  gudgulf 17:39 03 Oct 2007

click here

click here

Might be something to help on those.....How long have you had the monitor?

Also what resolution are you using?

  Shavenuw 10:42 04 Oct 2007

Again - resolution doesn't really make any difference. I've seen those forums before but thanks for the advice. As for the monitor, it's the original one supplied with the PC. I don't know the make.

I also suffer from major low fps in offline games too - Oblivion is unplayable at about 6 fps despite the fact that my PC is way above the minimum requirements.

Looks like a new PC and a divorce may be opn the cards...

  umbongo(uk) 06:23 05 Oct 2007

well for a start your ram is slow also your cpu is low
you will need to turn off some options in the game configuration
as it may has got the incorrect values

your system should run the games fine but i feel hdr and other options are impacting on the low cpu/ram speeds

also 56 proccesse,s is a lot of junk running
try to get it down to 30 you should see a vast improvement

  Newby 17:23 19 Dec 2007

I'm soorry. I am not offerimg advice I'm looking for it. I have just bought a Radeod X1650 Graphics card. To ensure I had enough power I changed my 300W PSU dor a 400W eith PCI-E power connection. I have fitted the PSU but, for the ;ofe of me, I can't find where to fit the power supply. I have been told that possibly the card does not need an addidional supply, getting ot through the pins. I have a Co,paq SR1619UK with a 2GB AMD Athlone 64 CPU and an Amethyst M1.0 CPU. I have 2.5GB RAM. What do I do about the power supply? Help please.

  johnnyrocker 17:26 19 Dec 2007

best to start your own thread to avoid confusion.


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