Pci-e extra 6 pin connector is it easy

  So Afraid 16:51 29 Jul 2008

My psu has the above but it looks well wrapped up in a bundle of cables,and not near the graphics card,i have been offered a 8600gts which needs the 6 pin connector,

Any tips for easy connection and anything i need to know?

PSU is 480w

  Ditch999 17:29 29 Jul 2008

Make sure PC is switched off (even at wall) then unwrap the required cable and attach it to the card.
You should also uninstall any current drivers you have installed before inserting the new card.

When you first boot with the new card in Cancel the "new hardware wizard" and run the drivers that you should have downloaded from the Nvidia website.

  citadel 17:36 29 Jul 2008

just loosen the cables, unfurl the wire with the 6 pin on and plug in the connector, then re-tie the cables where they were with a cable tie.

  So Afraid 19:17 29 Jul 2008


Looking at the cables again it seems there are 2 other connectors at the other end of the 6pin,unless i am seeing it wrong,if so where do these connect to.

It looks like this

click here

  Ditch999 12:52 30 Jul 2008

Those are standard molex connectors and are the same ones that supply power to a hard disk or DVD ROM etc.

The 6 pin connector goes in to the graphics card and the 2 molex fit in to spare molex connectors that come out of the power supply. Try to use two different cables that come out of the power supply and not 2 connectors on the same cable.

  So Afraid 16:08 30 Jul 2008

Ok thanks again,

I now have a idea about the way it should connect,will do as you suggest.

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