PCI conventional graphics card wanted

  foxesden 16:25 14 Jun 2014

Hi, does anyone know of a PCI conventional graphics card that will run under Win 7 64bit? Having upgraded my desktop from XP to Win 7 the onboard graphics (GMA 900) is not supported and Intel have not, and will not, upgrade the drivers. I fixed the audio by installing a sound card in one of the PCI slots, that leaves just one spare. Unfortunately it is PCI conventional, and whereas I can find the odd graphics card to fit, I can't find one that will support Win7 64bit. I only want it to watch home movies, perhaps some catch up tv. No gaming. Can't watch even a clip from the camera now. The mobo does have a PCI-e x 1, but there is a capacitor very close to it and I don't think a card would fit in the space. It is an old system from 2005. Emachines 4020 Micro ATX Intel 915GV motherboard P4 (519) 3.06 GHz 2GB ram GMA900 (not now working) 2 x PCI conventional 1 x PCI-e x 1 (it is the bottom slot, below the conventional slots and appears to be compromised by a gert big capacitor nearby.) Yes I know the computer would be better off in the bin, but us old pensioners have to keep things going as long as possible, and if I can fix the graphics problem I don't see why it won't keep going until one of us expires completely! Very grateful for any help.

  mart7 16:52 14 Jun 2014

I think your problems going to be finding a PCI graphics card that works with windows 7,Ive just had a look on Amazon and all the ones i looked at did state "doesnt work with windows 7"

  spuds 17:17 14 Jun 2014

Not sure if its of any help, but I have just put "pci graphics card that works with windows 7 64 bit" in a Google search, and it came up with a number of suggestions.Including others raising a similar question.

Some seem to direct to using either the Zotac or Evga GeForce GT210 available from Dabs.com at around the £20.00 mark.

  rdave13 17:18 14 Jun 2014

I found this on Amazon, click here and please read the few reviews. Found more info on an US site, click here and shows it is compatible with 7. One site suggests a PSU of 300 Watt and the other 400 Watt so you will have to check the PSU rating. If you are thinking of purchasing it I would certainly ask the owner if it will run on 7 64-bit and if it comes with the appropriate drivers.

  mart7 17:46 14 Jun 2014


geforce 210 is a PCI-e graphics card,not PCI which the op is looking for

  foxesden 18:54 14 Jun 2014

Thanks for those answers guys. The problem with googling PCI is that it gives pages and pages of PCI-e. Same with Amazon and Ebay. I have found a few PCI cards but all, sofar, are unsupported in Win7. Spuds, I'll have a look at the Zotac, although they seem to be mainly Geforce so its not looking promising. I am wondering if I can get a low profile card into the PCI-e x1 slot, but need to get some measurements due to the prob with the capacitor. Can't think why they put it there!

  mart7 19:27 14 Jun 2014

There's one here pci compatible with w7

click here

  foxesden 20:39 14 Jun 2014

Many thanks mart7, It looks good. I'll investigate it further.

  rtp8™ 10:38 15 Jun 2014

rdave13 has in fact given you the correct card in his link, it's PCI-Edition not PCI-Express edition. See & compare equivalent version of PCI-e card.

If you want to try a PCI-e x1 card & if it fits then have a look at this PowerColor ATI Radeon HD 5450 .

By the way Amazon does sell that Zotac GeForce GT 610 PCI Graphics Card too. (Free delivery I suppose)

P.S. please check you PSU's power capability before any purchase.

  foxesden 19:00 15 Jun 2014

Thanks rtp8, I will look at them all and choose one. I don't think the PCI-e x 1 will fit, the heat sink will foul the capacitor. Not sure what use that PCI-e is on this motherboard. Thanks to everyone who has helped here. Much appreciated.

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