pci cards help

  proppamunchkin 13:31 13 Jun 2008

i currently have a pc im trying to sort out for my sister. it has an integrated ie attached to motherboard plug in for monitor and such like and was wondering if a pci card could be used instead of the slot already attached to motherboard. the motherboard in question is a micro star model number ms-6787. the reason im asking is that when fully switched on the monitor recieves no signal and i have tried numberous monitors but all to no avail. thanks in advance for help. i am not that technically minded when it comes to pc jargon so be nice :)

  PO79 13:40 13 Jun 2008

Your Motherboard will support either a PCI or AGP x2/x4 AGP card. The AGP option would be better.

click here for mobo specs.

Have you tried entering the BIOS at start up and seeing if onboard graphics has been turned off, id so reset it to Auto.

  proppamunchkin 13:44 13 Jun 2008

i cant access BIOS due to no signal on monitor unfortunately but thank you for your advice. ill shop around to try and get a cheap deal on agp or pci but will post if that helps. thank you

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:55 13 Jun 2008

reset the BIOS to default by either using the clear BIOS jumper or by removing the CMOS battery (with PC unlugged) for 10 mins.

Refit battery and reboot see if screen now reappears.

  proppamunchkin 11:26 14 Jun 2008

hiya i tried removing the battery and left it out overnight but the monitor still show no signal input id be tearing my hair out if i had any can someone please give me any other pieces of advice cheers

  MarvintheAndroid 15:21 14 Jun 2008

Here is the manual :

click here


  proppamunchkin 20:43 14 Jun 2008

cheers marv for the link to the manual i bin searching online for it for ages :) hopefully i can get some ideas from there as to the problem

  proppamunchkin 22:24 14 Jun 2008

ok thank you lot for your assistance i have managed to get the monitor and pc working together in unison but now i have another problem arghhhhhhhhhhh just my luck lol ok here goes ............... the pc switched on and monitor kicks in but it stays on for about 2 minutes and shuts down. i have removed the plugs to try and find the problem and have found that if i plug in the JPW1 4 pin connector that seems to trip out and obviously i cant boot up without it so does anyone have any ideas as to how to fix that problem. cheers again

  MarvintheAndroid 08:32 15 Jun 2008

JPW1 is the power supply for the CPU. This may or may not be the cause of your problem - because as you say you can't really test the system without it, unplugging it could be masking a problem elsewhere. However as part of your fault-finding process it would be worth swapping out the power supply. Old power supplies, especially those less than 300W, are often the culprit and fairly cheap to replace.


  proppamunchkin 10:02 15 Jun 2008

to be honest i did go and buy a new power pack at first before i registered my problem here :) i have tried the new one and the old one aswell but the jpw1 still keeps tripping out. the new psu i bought is gtx light 580. i thought i might of had a problem with the cpu so i removed the cooling fan and it felt really hot and that was 5 minutes or so after it had been switched off. i know the fan is ok as i have replaced that aswell. i just hope that if the cpu overheats it wont affect the mobo to much as at this rate i might be better off buying a new pc lol. you guys are so helpful and i thank you so much.

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