PCI card problem

  lemon2 05:20 14 Feb 2003

Recently I bought some PCI network cards to link all my computers. They are all ultra low profile cards and I thought it would be too much of a problem to locate a supplier/manufacturer of the standard J-shape metal plates. However, I don't know what the technical name of the J-shape plate is - (the bit that you screw to your computer chassis), which is hindering my search.

Anyone know what it's called? And even better where I can obtain them?

  AndySD 05:32 14 Feb 2003

Blanking Plate try your local pc store.

  lemon2 05:41 14 Feb 2003

No, a blanking plate is the blank plate that you use on the chassis when you have no card on that slot. Although I did wonder if I could fabricate a substitute from blanking plates

I want the plate that is attached to the PCI card by means of two M3 screws, which you secure the card to the chassis. It would need to have three holes for the LEDs and a square hole for the RJ plug. Although I can easily put the holes where there should be, if I can only get them unholed. Looking at my other PCI cards (DSL modem, analogue modem, video card etc.)- it would appear to be stainless steel

  AndySD 05:59 14 Feb 2003

Its called a blade.....

but I cant help on where to get them.... they normally come with the card even if its low profile....have you tried e-mailing the card manufacturer to see if they sell them?

  lemon2 19:17 14 Feb 2003

Thanks Andy,

Mine did come with them but they are too short in depth for any of my machines. So I had hoped to get the standard length 4½" one, even if I had to machine the holes in blanks ones

Just emailed the manufacturer - waiting for reply!

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