PCI to AGP Slot

  Luca M 20:57 19 Nov 2004

My friend has an old motherboad and dosent want to buy a new one to get a new AGP graphics card slot. I was wondering is there such a thing that can convert a PCI slot into an AGP slot?


  woodchip 21:02 19 Nov 2004

NO...... I just got a new Motherboard for a Athlon for £20 also look click here

  Mysticnas 21:05 19 Nov 2004

what is the rest of the PC spec? and why the sudden interest in AGP if he/she has managed fine without til now?

If you supply us with some more of the PC spec we'll be able to give a better answer or supply an alternative solution.

But if it's just a straigh forward answer you want then i don't think that you can get PCI to AGP converters.

  Luca M 21:24 19 Nov 2004

I think that it is one of the old AMD processors (a duron or a athlon). He wants the card for some of his games. I hope this is of any help. I dont know any more of the PC specs

  woodchip 21:28 19 Nov 2004

Well in the above link the very top board should be OK for the CPU

  woodchip 21:36 19 Nov 2004

Also look hear for more detail click here

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:44 19 Nov 2004

The only option if your friend wants to use an AGP graphics card is to buy a new motherboard. Note that even if were possible to fit an AGP>PCI adaptor your graphics card would be still be restricted by the comparatively limited bandwidth of the PCI bus.

  Strawballs 21:49 19 Nov 2004

Both Nvidia & Radion make pci cards

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