PCI ADSL Modem Needed

  ade.h 12:31 09 Dec 2004

Hello all. I'm about to go broadband, and due to a lack of spare USB sockets, an internal modem is essential. I have seen a Zoom model at £50 and a Dabs Value model at £15. Can anyone recommend something in the middle?

PS. I won't be able to reply to any responses until tomorrow (no net connection at home!)

  bretsky 13:32 09 Dec 2004

Look at this link
click here

bretsky ;0)

  Molded 13:40 09 Dec 2004

For a pci modem I recommend this one :

click here

Have used it on one of my PCs for 6 months or so and found it faultless!

  ade.h 13:22 10 Dec 2004

Thank you both for your replies. The Dynamode looks a good bet at £24. I'll have a look at the Solwise page when I have more time and let you know how I get on.

  Noelg23 13:38 10 Dec 2004

sorry to break the happy medium guys but wouldnt it have been better to get an internal PCI USB card and then buy a USB modem? but if you're happy with internal modems, thats ok. so lets hope you get a good bargain.

  spuds 14:13 10 Dec 2004

The SAR-01PA in the bretsky link, as the Alcatel/Thomson chipset which is similar to the exterior SpeedTouch modem. These can require a constant 500ma power supply, so make sure that your motherboard will support it, otherwise you may have occasional disconnection problems.

  ade.h 22:46 10 Dec 2004

I already have extra USBs, in addition to the two on the motherboard, and they are all in use. Besides, I thought it might be better to have just one bit of hardware rather than two.

Are there any drawbacks to PCI ADSL modems (technical, performance, or otherwise) that I may have overlooked? Any thoughts appreciated.

  ade.h 23:02 10 Dec 2004

I have just had a more detailed look at the Dynamode and some of the Ebuyer customer reviews are worrying. Some very happy people and some who found it very unreliable. Reliability is absolutely crucial.

I may consider something more expensive, such as the Zoom modem at £50 (though the budget is fairly tight) if I thought it was advantageous. Any thoughts?

  Mikè 23:23 10 Dec 2004

Do you have a ethernet/ network port? if so click here

  ade.h 23:29 10 Dec 2004

No haven't, sorry, Mike. Not sure I'd know what to do with anyway.

  Mikè 23:37 10 Dec 2004

No network port is it quite an old pc then?

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