chrissul 21:02 14 Jan 2008

hi all does anyone use pcguard which virgin media provides I have tried to install it I run xp pro and when I rebooted my machine from installing something else. it seems pcguard is corrupt. I tried to run the uninstall from add/remove and it tells me regardless "you must reboot your machine in order to reinstall or uninstall". I did reboot but it says the same everytime I also tried running the broadband advisor.exe again same message as above. if I try run the diag tool it refers to libZkr.dll was not found re install the application may fix this.

  STREETWORK 21:13 14 Jan 2008

Try and restore the Pc to an earlier time before the problems and start again...

  chrissul 21:44 14 Jan 2008

I didnt actually make any restore points unless its automatic

  bluto1 22:08 14 Jan 2008

I've just downloaded and installed PC Guard, I'm on Virgin Media too, and the only contention it's got with me is Avast. It hasn't mentioned fireguard or anything else.
With your problem I agree with STREETWORK. If you've left System Restore on then there are restore points. They're the dark/black surrounded dates. Pick one before the date you downloaded PC Guard and restore.
I'm now going to uninstall whatever PC Guard asks me to and give it a go, until.......
'luck mate.

  brundle 09:38 15 Jan 2008

PCGuard is a waste of space, Avast,a good spyware-scanner and a firewall such as Comodo is a far superior combination. as chrissul has found, it makes an awful mess when it goes wrong and you can't re-install or un-install it. click here

  chrissul 14:31 15 Jan 2008

is avg any good too?

  bluto1 21:48 15 Jan 2008

I downloaded PC Guard and ran it. Nothing was found so I ran A squared and Adaware and found some moderate risk trojans. I then attempted to uninstall PC Guard and as brundle said, I couldn't. I emailed Virgin to tell them how underwhelmed I was and asked for instructions to uninstall. Knowing I'll probably wait a few days I thought I'd use System Restore and it worked a treat.

Avg is good, so is Avast.

  chrissul 14:54 19 Jan 2008

thanks for all the help

  User-1233372 01:28 27 Jan 2008

I've been a Customer with Telewest/Blueyonder (Now Virgin Media) For Nearly 8 Years Now, and Downloaded & Ran (Successfully Without Issues) when it was First Released By Blueyonder nearly 4-5 Years Ago. Ever since Virgin Media arrived on the scene, PCGuard not only fails to work, but also fails to Install!! Reading through Problems above, I can say "Yes" I've experienced everything mentioned. One not mentioned here (Which has to be the most strsngest software error in PCGuard, is when Installing it, about 83% through I am presented with an Error Message along the same lines as "Sorry Install Cannot Continue As You Are Already Running An Installation". Firstly, "What Installation" was it reffering to?? More Bizarre is that I neither had a 2nd Instance of a PCGuard Installation running, as I presumed the Error Message related to A Possible 2nd Installation of the Same File in Progress, but I had nothing else installing whatsoever at the time of the Error Message Appearing!!! It tells me to Cancel this so called "Installation" & click "OK" to continue. So I checked through Taskmanager in case of something Dodgy running in the Background, and found nothing. So I Pressed "OK" and off it went, then it installed another 1% and again got the same message, pressed "ok" yet again, then another 1% Passed and same happens again!! This carried on all the way to the 100% Mark & Finally asked me to restart my PC. After Restart, I started up PC Advisor & Came Across the Error Mentioned above "libZkr.dll was not found re install the application may fix this."
At which Point, I Just ended up Uninstalling the Pile of Crap. (By the way it is possible to uninstall it without going through the System Restore Process" If anyone else has problems Try this :

Go To Taskmanager and Under "Processes" Make Sure You "End Task" On All Of The Following Files :


Then go to Add/Remove Programs & Remove Both Virgin Broadband Advisor & Virgin Broadband PCGuard.

Then restart PC, and it should now be gone :).

On a Final Note, Stay away from Virgin Media when it comes to both Internet Service & Internet Security, as they are rapidly going downhill fast when it comes to service.

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