PcChips Sis315 64Mb SDRAM AGP x4 TV-Out Video Card

  Handy Spinner 12:47 28 Jun 2003

Hi! I'm looking for advice on the above graphics card. I'm not really in2 gaming but apparently SimCity4 needs a 32Mb card and at present I have only onboard graphics. Is this a good choice for the money? Also does anyone know if is it compatible with the Asus A7S266-VM motherboard?

Thanks a lot.

  AMD 4 ever 12:59 28 Jun 2003

Depends on how much you are getting it for? It may play sim city but how well? Look for Geforce 4 MX440 as a min, and a ATI or Ti4200 for best performance on a reasonable price.

  Handy Spinner 13:02 28 Jun 2003

The price is £22.32 inc. VAT

  professor 13:08 28 Jun 2003

I would get the 128MB Sapphire Radeon 9000 AtlantisPro from watford electronics click here its £84 and i promise you that you will NOT be disappointed with it as its visual quality in general use is the best out there its DVD playback is also the best (only beaten by higher level Radeons eg. 9500) and should you want to play games like UT2k it wont disappoint there either, overall £84 well and wisely spent. just remember when you do or if you do get the Radeon download the latest drivers from ATI.


  Handy Spinner 13:18 28 Jun 2003

Would the difference be very noticeable, seeing that I only plan to play Age of Empires 1+2, Civ 3, SimCity 4?

  Handy Spinner 16:27 28 Jun 2003

Am I right in thinking that you would need a special AGP slot?

  professor 22:52 05 Jul 2003

the difference is incredably noticable and an R9000pro will run in a normal AGP slot.

sorry 4 the long delay been busy


  hugh-265156 01:46 06 Jul 2003

i agree sim city 4 is quite demanding unlike other sim games previous,both for graphics card and cpu.

i use a radeon 9000,although by far not the best card on the market it will play anything at the moment at 1024x768 and maybe for a few months yet.

32mb card is the recommended just to get the game up and running.it will be very slow though and not very playable.a more powerful card is required to play it. also you should be looking at 1.4p4 or higher cpu for best results.

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