PcChips Lan Problem

  Drifter 10:25 03 May 2004

Hello, I have reinstalled Win98 on a friend's PC which has a PcChips MoBo with built in 10/100 LAN, no matter what driver I install, it causes the PC to hang on shutdown, ( we dont have the mobo disc). This is not a problem as he uses dial up at the moment, but windows "finds new hardware" on boot up. Any ideas, anyone? I have been to both PcChips & SIS websites. The Lan is SIS900 and the MoBo is a M810LR

  AndySD 11:55 03 May 2004

Try booting into the BIOS/Setup and disabling the Network connection. But the drivers are click here

  Drifter 12:46 03 May 2004

Thanks for the link, been there, tried that, still get hang up, so have disabled onboard Lan in the bios, he can always buy a cheap PCI Lan card, that's how I'm running it at the moment, with a spare Lan card. It now boots well, and he may never need it!
Thanks for the help

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