wunup 20:31 06 Jul 2003

I was thinking of having a first go at building myself a pc. Looked at the cost of things etc, but not decided on anything for sure just yet.
Im pretty good with most things that take a good bit of care and attention. I can even do fiddly and frustrating jobs without losing my temper and resorting to a hammer.

What i want to know is;
How much of a tech-head you need to be?
I mean is it a case of following fairly easy instructions and then plugging it all in?
Or is it a lot more difficult than that?

I know i can always rely on this forum for sound advice if i get stuck, but i dont want to lay out loads of cash on bits that will just sit in the boxes if its beyond my capabilities. Thanks A.

  BrianW 20:37 06 Jul 2003

If you have enough space and good light it really is a case of following the instructions. Easier than building and Airfix model in my childhood I reckon. Have a look at the PCA self-build articles if you haven't already. The key thing is to make sure that the bits you get are compatible. Have fun.

  woodchip 20:42 06 Jul 2003

It depends on your knowledge and ineptitude at following instructions like motherboard manual. You also need a static earth strap. If you can use the PC you are on now to post hear you should not have any problems. But you also need to know what will work together i.e. Hardware, it's not a case of buying hardware and sticking it together, you need to research first on components

  wunup 20:43 06 Jul 2003

If you think its that easy i,ll read up a bit and have a go.Thanks A.

  Ironman556 20:46 06 Jul 2003

I knew next to nothing about computers just over 3 years ago. I'm about to build a new one (just recieved the parts). It *should* be a case of taking care while building and checking you understand and follow all the instructions. Having said that I'm getting a helping hand for my first build, just incase I come up against somthing I'm unsure of.

Upgrading's easy, building's the next step. Have a go, there's always plenty of help here, and I'm sure friends and the local PC shop will be able to give you a helping hand if you get really stuck.

  wunup 20:51 06 Jul 2003

I will research my component compatability before
buying. I,m ok with manuals, so no problems there.
I had overlooked the static strap though. Thanks for that one. A.

  Ironman556 20:52 06 Jul 2003

click here will give you some useful reviews on hardware, although they do tend to go towards the high performance side of things.

  woodchip 20:56 06 Jul 2003

PS do not forget that they also need to be compactable with the Operating System that you intend to run i.e XP or if 98 does not matter

  wunup 20:59 06 Jul 2003

Ive only been into computing for 18 or so months, so still a bit wary at times. I think a bit more research will give me more confidence. Good luck with your build. Maybe you could post a few updates to let us know how you get on. Thanks. A.

  wunup 21:07 06 Jul 2003

more info i needed. Theres more to this lark than you think.
Ironman, thanks for the link. I think i might go towards the bargain bin end of the market,just for the experience, and if it works out sell on and go more up-market. I just know how gutted id be if i spent loads and it didnt work. A.

  Ironman556 21:12 06 Jul 2003

Thanks good luck with yours too, it'll probably be about two weeks before I get to build as I'm waiting for the relative to come down to guide me. I'll keep you posted with y progess.

The sites I ordered from are:

Aria click here

(very impressed, next day delivery and had one damaged item (which is apparently very unusual for aria) which was replaced the next day with a new one and the damaged item taken away free of charge)

Kustom PCs click here

(again next day delivery, but some prices a little hgher that elsewhere)

Overclockers click here

(yet again next day delivery, email querys responded to quickly)

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