pcadvisor site! driving me nuts!!

  niknax 21:24 13 Feb 2004

hi folks, problem is, since last weekend, pcadvisor website is an absolute nightmare! been here everyday for a year now, nothing has changed, but i have to refresh every page on pca, everytime i log on, and only on pca website, no other visited website has any problems! spybot, avast, zonealarm, have been installed since i built the pc, nothing has changed! help please!


  VoG II 21:26 13 Feb 2004

I guess you are on AOL?

  PA28 21:31 13 Feb 2004

I'm on Freeserve and good a good speed tonight (45.2). The site is sluggish - when I clicked on this thread I waited (I timed it) 90 seconds before I hit refresh to get a result. Even then it took a further 12 seconds until I got the page. There have been frequent reports of this recently - I hope that PCA have matters in hand as I'm sure they have to ease the frustration.

  PA28 21:33 13 Feb 2004

good a good speed? got a good speed is what I meant. These cordless keyboards are making me wonder if they're up to the job!!!!

  woodchip 21:34 13 Feb 2004

I had this for one day, but OK now on Dial-Up instant service. but the other day it would load half page and stop when I Pressed Reload button it would come up and if I was not fast enough it would be lost into never, never, land. I got fed up and called it a day. But as above it's now OK

  niknax 21:54 13 Feb 2004

vog spot on ! aol

what now?


  niknax 21:56 13 Feb 2004

sorry should have said done the norm, remove aol adaptor, etc etc still the same!! even done a system restore!! must be mad!!


  [email protected]@m 22:01 13 Feb 2004

I have been giving this out all week, but had no feedback - download Opera browser click here

Minimise AOL and use Opera to access PCAdvisor.

  niknax 22:31 13 Feb 2004

cheers [email protected]@m!! will try it out! only 56k will give it a try at the weekend! got more time!

still puzzled! i know this sounds repetitive! but why!! one of the reasons we all love pc's!!


  mammak 22:51 13 Feb 2004

Well peep,s am on dailup at press a crap 29.2kbps no prob,s on PCA "Freserve anytime" no broadband here!

  arricarry 23:10 13 Feb 2004

Hello I am on freeserve and the threads are taking about 7 seconds to load. What number are you dialling mine is 147008089916080. I do not know where you are but this works ok in SE London

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