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  NSBT 17:32 30 Oct 2007


I trust I'm not going to open a can of worms here, but I had 2 Trojans on my computer.

Following the advice on this forum, I was still unable to remove them, so, I telephoned Microsoft Technical Support for further advice, the tech guy remotely removed them from my machine, however, he noticed I had the following software installed:

AVG antispyware

The tech guy said that as I had McAfee paid subscription, I did not require the above software, and therefore remotely removed those also.

Now all I have on my PC is McAfee security Suite so, may I please clarify, do I need any Spyware adware protection on my computer?

The other issue of concern to me, as I have McAfee paid subscription, how come my McAfee product did not alert me to the 2 Trojons?

Thanks for any assistance

  brundle 17:45 30 Oct 2007

Have you checked with Mcafee to see if they are aware of or have updated their AV product for the trojans you were infected with?

  thms 17:45 30 Oct 2007

Tricky one that.
I suppose it's a personal choice as to what you want regards protection. It would do no harm to have the extra software installed.

I have only nod32,ccleaner and zone alarm firewall installed and don't seem to have any problems.

As to why Mcafee missed the 2 trojons.
That's something you would need to ask Mcafee.

  Pamy 17:47 30 Oct 2007

the tech guy thinks that Mcafee is all you nead. why Mcafee did not alert you to 2 trojans is not known. Ask McAfee

  mfletch 17:49 30 Oct 2007

Hi, No Antivirus or Antispyware can detect all malware {Paid or free} so it is a good idea to have other Antispyware programs At your disposal,

Like you said MaAfee missed it but one of the others may have removed it for you,

Unfortunately they did not,

If I was you I would download them again,
Next time one of them may be successful in removing the Trojan?


  spuds 17:52 30 Oct 2007

I am a great believer of using well recommended and reliable 'anti' programmes. If they are free with regular updates, then thats a better advantage and bonus.

Be careful about using too many 'anti' programmes, because sometimes this can cause problems instead of solving them.

I suppose the tech guy left McAfee because it was a paid-up subscription service.

CCleaner will not warn you about trojans, virus infections etc, because it is mainly a junk cleaner. If its been removed, then there is no reason why you cannot re-install it. Its a good product.

  brundle 17:53 30 Oct 2007
  umbongo(uk) 17:54 30 Oct 2007

no software is infalable to worms/trojans
you have to update your software to keep update.
some virus,s etc can disable software programs and stay on your system most of the time this is due to you downloadig somthing with the trojan /worm in it
and if its new type , then the protection cannot detect it until theyve updated the data base from which you receive your update for a anti program etc

most trojans/worms/hijacks get on a system by the end user

but again youve also pointed out one way some people get hijacked,,, remote admin logon

having not read your post i cant comment on the advice given,but remember most are passing on what worked for them
alot of programs give false positive on trojan viruse,s worms so always check it out on google

did you point out in your post about having 2 trojans tht you already had mcafee installed

it prefrence wether you want more anti this and tht but most stick to 2 one to cover the others back so to speak

dont remember mcafee doing registry cleaning but its a long time since ive seen mcafee

  Technotiger 17:56 30 Oct 2007

I agree with thms, there is no harm in having more than one anti-spyware, (but NOT more than one Anti-virus). It sometimes happens that one program will find items that others miss, this is not at all unusual.

I personally only have AVG(Free), Ad-Aware(Free) and
Tune-up Utilities 2006 which includes a very good 'One-click Maintenance', Diskeeper, RegClean and Sunbelt (formerly Kerio) Pers Firewall - the last four being paid for versions.

  rdave13 18:20 30 Oct 2007

I agree with Microsoft that if you pay for a security suit then you should not need any freebie protection. That's why you pay. As for Ccleaner, though, I'd disagree as it does what it says and has a handy uninstaller and reg cleaner.
Your first port of call should have been McAfee as they would be responsible for your security.

  Mac70 19:09 30 Oct 2007

I would take anything a phone "Tech" tells you with a pinch of salt. You get far better help and advice at any forum, like here.

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