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  Enoch 06:46 20 Jun 2006

I have contacted the PCAdvisor Forum Editor who was unable to help me, due to the fact that I seem to be the only one with the following problem with this Forum.

Quite simply, I do not get email notification that there are replies to my string within this forum, even though that "by default" I should be. I have to go into "My Posting" without any idea that I have had a reply, which must seem to people who answer my queries that I am very tardy because of the delay in coming back

Any ideas people????

  fitshase 07:11 20 Jun 2006

You could check your junk mail filter (either in your mail program or with your ISP).

It may be the case that the e-mail notifications are being bounced as junk/spam.



  johnnyrocker 09:09 20 Jun 2006

has that worked?


  Enoch 09:28 20 Jun 2006

My own junk mail filter is set up correctly, but I was getting a lot of Spam so I contacted my ISP to put on increased spam filters over the recognised Spam filters. After reading "fitshase" reply, I contacted them again and they think that the secondary filter might be deleting TOO MUCH and we have agreed for them to remove the second filter.

So, I would now appreciate a reply to this string to enable me to confirm that the problem has now been resolved. I will reply to any messages with a confirmation, if I now get notification from this forum.

  Zaphod 3 09:30 20 Jun 2006

Has it worked?

  Enoch 09:35 20 Jun 2006

Zaphod 3-johnnyrocker-and especially fitshase,-----thanks for the reply and yes it worked. I am now back with you guys


  p;3 09:41 20 Jun 2006

of interest; you are not the only one with this particular problem; I encountered this with a previous mail address I was using; unfortunatley, with that address I was unable to access the bulk/junk mail folder on server to educate it; I changed to a different address that I CAN access that folder on server and so far have had no further problems; it is of use to note that if you click your thread as resolved, you will not then receive mail notifications of any replies; you might also find that using mailwasher on your pc will enable you to see on the server what is spam and what is not and download as appropriate to your pc

this link
click here should take you to some info on mailwasher and a download section if you wish to try it out; using that program enables you to see all that is in your in box on server, but you need also occasionally to open your server and check for the bulk mail to see if it needs transfering to the inbox; does any of that help?

( and might ask who the ISP is that is giving you this problem?)

  Enoch 11:16 20 Jun 2006


You made an interesting observation. On my reply of thanks to the other guys, I did mark this thread as resolved and therefore did NOT get notification of YOUR comments. I just looked in at this thread, just in case and found you. So, it now seems to make sense generally NOT to mark a thread as resolved as one can be precluded from any further help after one thinks they have resolved a problem (Maybe the Forum editor will comment on this point)

Regarding Mailwasher, yes I am already using this programme and although it puts a few seconds on the time to receive and read emails it is definately a great assistance in deciding what one should download. 75% of my emails was Spam, now, what with MailWasher, filters at my ISP and my own banned list, together with Norton Anti-virus and Spam catcher, my Spam is almost nil.

In answer to your final question regarding who my ISP is; it is ClaraNet, but although they are not the cheapest on the block, they are certainly the best and with the most helpful tech support I have come across.

  p;3 20:29 20 Jun 2006

as I am not sure if you will pick this up? if you do mark a thread as resolved then you do not get notifications ;HOWEVER, if you do encounter further problems with the same issue , you can always start another thread and link it to the original so folks can read the first part of the debate;

and a good point I find is to occasionally log into your server just to manually check that nowt has gone to the spam folder as the mailwasher program does not pick that up but only the in box on server; and I know you will have to manually check this thread as you will not be aware of this response; if you do have further problems just start a fresh thread and link previous ones that are relevent to it:)

  Enoch 17:47 21 Jun 2006

Finally came back to this thread and found your comments. I now do return to my resolved thread therefore I will find an reply as I just did. Point well taken, from now on I do NOT mark thread as resolved and in addition I do check mailwasher spam regularly now.

Thanks P;3, your advice is well taken

  Bagsey 19:13 21 Jun 2006

Sorry enoch
<from now on I do NOT mark thread as resolved>
bad move as no one will ever feel that the answers given sorted the problem. There was a lot of controversy about this some time ago. I suggest that the correct thing to do is when satisfied that your problem is answered mark as resolved and just just open 'your postings' now and again to keep up to speed with late postings.

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