PCA website improvements awaiting a fix.

  Covergirl 12:06 08 Jun 2011

I have previously slipped these questions in other threads without getting an answer. Hopefully if I create my own topic something may come of it.

  1. What is the point of having 4 pieces of hyperlinked text per thread ? See example screenshot.

Logically, (in the linked screenshot) in the Practice Your Links thread, "Yesterday by Nontek" should be all one link and take you to the last post in that thread. All the links in that column should follow the same format.

However, all links go to P.1 of the thread (except the OP link). If that is the intention, it's bad design / unnecessary coding imho.

  1. Why are Answers, Views and Last Response (almost always) n/a on the My Posts page? See example screenshot 2

On one of the rare occasions there is something other than n/a, for example, the n47. link takes me back to page one of "My Posts", and the date / time (although coloured blue) is not a link

Additional grumps

My Posts is now a tiresome trawl to get through. With only 10 threads per page, some duplicated if it's a busy thread, you could be looking for a thread for weeks!

The current search facility is abysmal. OK, it (probably?) finds everything, but finding the particular thread you are looking for is a nightmare.

Filtering by Last Week (2) Last Month (6) Last 6 Months (25) Last Year (62) All Time doesn't particularly help, especially if the thread you are looking for is 6 weeks ago, as the threads are listed in no particular order. And with only 15 threads per search page, this is another area you could get lost in for weeks!

The Search facility needs a user sort button (Date ascending/descending) =or= needs to be sorted by default.

For example, searching for my own thread "PCA Site going down for Maintenance" - it's actually on page 7 of my posts dated 8th April but it took me about 10 minutes to find it. I gave up looking through the Search results and went back through my posts. Not knowing the date of it, I had to search through every page.

It's now 8 weeks after the update and the site speed issue appears to have been resolved but these silly things that don't work are niggling me. The fact that they still don't work but the advertising has been fixed is even nigglier (if there is such a word). LoL

  Woolwell 12:37 08 Jun 2011

24 hour clock.

  birdface 13:13 08 Jun 2011

Have to agree with Posts and Search badly need fixing but as the FE say's this is not the only website they have and all have to be fixed to some degree. So just a matter of waiting. You have to think if we are having difficulty in using it I would think new members would find it extremely hard to find there way around.

I did not realise that 8 weeks have gone by already.

  TonyV 13:41 08 Jun 2011

I've given up using the search facility. It is far too cumbersome. It's probably quicker to go through Google!


  Jwbjnwolf 13:52 08 Jun 2011

I think PCA has improved over all but The "MY Posts" is awful shape at the moment.

Why the could not replace it with the old style until they have completely fixed it as the old style was perfect except for having no search.

I think we should make a competition out of this, where you say how many times the most appeared thread appears. LOL! I think that would make quite a competition until it is fixed. LOL! :)

The other thing that I quite often have had a prob with is that when click the Post button to post what you have written as in your own thread, it kept saying 'Please Wait" and was ding nothing, so I had quite a prob posting replys to people in my own thread.

Also, about the Mobile version of PCA. I don't know if it is PCA or mobile Safari, but when I click on the links to send me to the full desktop version so that I can post replys, I am keep being redirected back to the mobile version of the page that I was already on. I am not to bothered about it, just that I have to use the link that I added to the iOS homescreen, and then waste time searching through the messy "My Posts", especially when the thread is an old one.

  Jwbjnwolf 13:57 08 Jun 2011


What do you mean by 24hr clock?

Why is 24hr clock related to this subject?

  birdface 14:08 08 Jun 2011


It is a 12 hour clock they use at the moment but do not add AM or PM so you are not sure when it was posted.

  wee eddie 14:22 08 Jun 2011

Sad to say, but the new Site is not a particularly good advertisement for a Business that is meant to be at the cutting edge of Computer Technology.

Many of these niggles only appear when one starts trying to use the site in earnest, so it is not that big a surprise that there are some. However, the failure to resolve them is more worrying.

I'm sure that my list does not cover everything.

  1. The time of Posting. Please add either, a.m./p.m. or change to a 24 hour clock.
  2. Restore the date of the Original Thread Posting.
  3. The loss of the Title Bar on responses to a Thread have made many old replies nonsensical.
  4. My Postings really only need to Flag the relevant Thread and follow its progress, rather than the actual posting.
  5. There was a hint that a Link to an instructional Video, that was going to be posted on the Home Page. With all those Geeks around, with iPhones and HTCs, surely one could be knocked up, even on a temporary basis, in a matter of minutes. How long does it take to film someone entering a Hyperlink.

I think that that is enough agro from me, for the while, anyway.

  March Hare 14:53 08 Jun 2011

strong textAdd a "compatibility mode" button so we old fogies could view the site as it used to look before it was vandalised!

  Jwbjnwolf 15:32 08 Jun 2011

In a way, with all of these probs, the old site looked smarter. I have signed up with a number of other forums and but mostly use PCA as it is the easiest forum for me to understand, and everybody replies quickly due to the number of users, but at the moment it is still like as so it was week 1 of the new site let alone 8.

Now I find computer active mag more relevant to read to PCA mag but I find PCA a lot better forum than computer active's forum. And if I did not have so much help on this forum, these probs would drive me away, but I cannot because there is so much help here. Everyone registered here is what makes PCA a brilliant forum.


  wee eddie 16:06 08 Jun 2011

This is still the most friendly Forum and attracts many quality Visitors but, that Plaudit aside, does not mean that a little Fine Tuning would go amiss.

To my mind the main problem, that most of the other Forums have, is that they have too many Sections.

Much of what I have learnt has been Serendipity, dipping into a thread that looked interesting, even though I had no relevant knowledge at the time.

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