PCA Tiscali disc.

  Andsome 09:09 19 Jan 2005

Yet again I have received my subscribed for magazine with this wretched disc stuck firmly to the back of a page with an interesting item on it. I DO appreciate the need for advertising revenue, but why does this disc have to stuck to the back of such pages? Why can't it be loose inside, or stuck to the back of other adverts? If push comes to shove, why not include a blank page to stick it to, I'm sure that this would not cost the earth. I would be happy to pay a penny extra for a blank page if necessary. We have had a good many discussions on this forum about this subject in the past, and we have made our views quite clear, so WHY do PCA persist in this annoying habit?

  rawprawn 09:20 19 Jan 2005

I quite agree, it's a real pain having to try and remove it without destoying the article overleaf.

  Brian-336451 09:51 19 Jan 2005

Take one Swiss Army knife.

Cut seal and remove CD.

Insert knife into cardboard slot and cut all the way round. You are now left with only one thin sheet of cardboard which easily bends.

You can now gently 'peel' it off. There are only two 'dabs of goo' holding it on.

Yes it's annoying but I generally remove the whole shooting match (with CD attached) without damage.

I was only thinking two days ago when I got my latest copy, how considerate they were in using 'goo' that actually gives way (if you are patient with it).

Try the above - it works.

  Andsome 10:20 19 Jan 2005

We should not have to go to all this trouble, we have after all paid for the magazine.

  JayDay 10:24 19 Jan 2005

It's the bain of my life too. However this month I did manage to get it off without causing any damage.

  hillybilly 10:36 19 Jan 2005

Have to say I agree with every word you have written, but you cannot be as upset or feel as strongly as I do! I have found the perfect answer for a Company that does not listen to their customers, I've just refused to renew my subscription!

  Andsome 10:49 19 Jan 2005

My subscription ends very shortly. I am thinking carefully as to what to do.

  JayDay 10:52 19 Jan 2005

The glue makes quite a good artifical bogey which the kids have hours of fun with. More use than the disc!

  Brian-336451 12:02 19 Jan 2005


Don't you think that renewing/not renewing based upon one CD being stuck onto a page is slight overreaction?

I agree that the disk is a pain, my question would be 'How much would the magazine cost WITHOUT Tiscali's advertising'? And all the other dross which gets thrown away as soon as the bag is open.

My wife is a psychotherapist, I'm sure she can help you . . .

  Stuartli 13:28 19 Jan 2005

It was promised some time ago that the glue would not be as sticky and not used in such quantity.

In recent times the disk has proved quite easy to take off the page - do it from the top and bottom and not from side to side (i.e. pull the disk away carefully down the strip of glue).

Anyone who works on the basis of being prepared to pay a bit extra not to have various forms of advertising in a publication and who has sufficient support from other readers would, in time, end up paying at least £5 for a newspaper and two or three times that for a magazine.

So it's hardly worth getting too het up about a small amount of glue...:-))

  Mango Grummit 14:01 19 Jan 2005

So it's hardly worth getting too het up about a small amount of glue...:-))

I agree.

It does make you wonder how some people would cope with a real problem. I'm surprised PCA has not been sued for causing stress.

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