PCA slow again tonight ?

  skidzy 21:52 02 Apr 2007

In Firefox my tabs are taking an age to load,though in IE7 a bit quicker.
Only PCA affected,im guessing possible server issues.

Anyone else got this problem ?

Thankyou all.

  MAJ 21:53 02 Apr 2007

All good here on IE7, skidzy.

  Kat440 21:56 02 Apr 2007

All ok here but slightly slow as 2 comps connected to the net.

Which will explain i think but not sure.


  skidzy 21:56 02 Apr 2007

Hi MAJ,cheers for that.If not PCA,i think i know whats up (corrupted profile in FF) hope not though.

  skidzy 21:57 02 Apr 2007

Cheers Kat.

  woodchip 21:57 02 Apr 2007

Not hear so far using a Win98se on Netscape 7.2 near Sheffield, on a 1Mb BB connection

  mammak 22:02 02 Apr 2007

Hi mate no problems at all here IE7 or Firefox!

  skidzy 22:03 02 Apr 2007

Now im getting narked,hope its not my profile....this happened last year,due to a bookmark i believe.

Will sit tight for a bit...and PRAY ! :-(

  skidzy 22:04 02 Apr 2007

Cheers woodchip & Mammak

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:09 02 Apr 2007

Your not alone!

Firefox PCA page loads to 98% and then just sits there. Clean out the cache still same.
ALL other sites seem OK.

  skidzy 22:14 02 Apr 2007

Your spot on Fruit Bat /\0/\,ive just restored a backup from ccleaner and rebooted and now have a slight improvement but like you say...its about 98% loaded.

Thankyou for confirming this.

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