PCA Site using Firefox Causing 100% CPU

  Taff™ 09:40 01 Nov 2009

Anyone else noticed this? Firefox 3.5 and visiting the PC Advisor Helproom causes the CPU of my XP machine to run at pretty much 100%. Close the PCA tab in Firefox and the CPU usage drops to normality below 10%.

Thought it might be something to do with the Norton Beta Test of 360 but disabling that makes no difference. Any suggestions or can anyone else confirm the same behaviour?

  johndrew 10:41 01 Nov 2009

Using Firefox 3.5.4 in the PCA Helproom and my CPU usage is around 5% rising slightly when performing any actions (posting etc). I don`t use Norton so this would not be a problem anyway.

What else have you running and have you selected Task Manager (`always on top` ticked) to see what is using your CPU time?

  birdface 11:02 01 Nov 2009

Hi.Is it actually Firefox that is using up the CPU or is it another program.
Have you downloaded the latest update for Firefox.

  birdface 11:08 01 Nov 2009

Have you got an ad-blocker installed in Firefox.
If not maybe try one.
If nothing else works maybe delete Firefox run C Cleaner then reinstall it again.
Maybe one of your add-ons causing the problem, Not sure if you can switch them off in Firefox or not as I do not use it.

  Taff™ 11:17 01 Nov 2009

It was Task Manager that I used to confirm the problem. I first noticed that my computer fans were working overtime and checked the CPU in TM. Firefox was using 139,000K

Just done a reboot and the problem is less noticeable although FF is now only 124,000K but the CPU is jumping about all over the place initially. Ten minutes later and things settled down a bit but FF is still hogging the resources.

  Taff™ 11:33 01 Nov 2009

It is the latest version of Firefox and I`m not sure about the pop up blockers either. It is strange that it only affects the PCA website page. If I switch to another site or close Firefox the CPU steadies at below 10%. I`m going to follow buteman`s suggestion and reload FF and then look at the pop up blockers. This might have something to do with a PCA advert again - I can see one flashing about in the background but can`t read it. Something to do with Eset I think.

  birdface 12:14 01 Nov 2009

Hi Taff.Maybe never got it right .But In Taskmanager under processes and under CPU it should tell you what programs are using up the CPU.139.000 for Firefox will probably be the file size or whatever beside it it will tell you the CPU level it is running at.
Is it Firefox or one of the other programs that is using up the CPU.
I think it is the Super ad-blocker that you call it that you use on Firefox and that gets rid Adverts Etc.

  Taff™ 12:26 01 Nov 2009

Hi buteman, yes, sorry FF is using the largest chunk of the CPU fluctuating at between 50 and 100% with system idle process using the balance. I`ve got no other programs running to try and narrow down the problem. I`ve now reloaded FF and the problem is still there. Now looking for the adblocker!

  ^wave^ 12:46 01 Nov 2009

yes i have a similar prob with ff i dont use it much prefer chrome

  Taff™ 12:51 01 Nov 2009

Installed the AdPlus blocker but no difference. Glad I`m not alone in this ^wave^! Anyone else who can throw some light or verify the same on their omputer?

  cocteau48 12:51 01 Nov 2009

"Now looking for the adblocker!"

Adblock Plus click here

Certainly if I disable Adblock Plus on the PCA site the CPU can jump to 20% and as far as 40%

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